Week of 12/06/21




    Upcoming Dates:  
    12/13 - 3rd Grade Field Trip - Main Street Theater - Permission slips will be sent Friday, 12/3. 
    12/14 - 3rd Grade Music Performance - More information will be sent by Mrs. Janes in the near future
    12/16 - 3rd Grade Elf Day - More details to come later, but students either wear elf clothes or red/white
    12/17 - Holiday Party - 11:00 - 12:00   Parents are invited - More details to come soon

    Classroom Needs:  Thank you so very much for the donated items that have been donated.  We are currently in need of small and large index cards, #2 pencils, thin dry erase markers. 

     Changes: Lunch - All third grade classes are back in the cafeteria again. :)


      Is your child going to be absent?  If you are aware that your child will be absent, please send an email and let me know.  If possible, I will try to get work together ahead of time, as it helps the student to go ahead and go over the material at home, and not feel overwhelmed with the new material and missed material the day they return.  If he/she misses graded material, I will usually ask that they come in the morning before school to make up the work.  I try to provide information on-line with links, slides and/or videos when possible so that it is not necessary to come to the school.  However, there are times when that is not possible.  I will work with you, and we can make sure our Cardinals are not missing information.  Also, each day I ask the children if anyone has anything for me.  Please remind your child to turn in make-up work during this time.    

    A few general notes: 


    • Watches -  If students have smart watches, we ask that you not text them during the school day.  If you need to get a message to us or your child, please email both block 1 and 2 teachers.  If you don't get a short response back from us letting you know we received the message, then contact the nest/front office.  They can call the classroom.  


    • Extra Clothes - Please have a change of clothes to be left in their backpack.  If a kiddo accidently slips on the soccer field in a wet area they didn't see, it is so helpful to have the extra clothes ready to go once they clean up.  We try to make sure the children stay out of those areas, but every once in a while we miss a spot.   Thanks so much! 

      Volunteers -  If you are available to assist with projects, such as cutting out laminating and bagging items, please let me know.  

    • IMPORTANT Regarding Emails

      If you email me regarding a message that your child needs to receive, I will always email you back a short "got it" type message.  If you do not get that message back from me in a reasonable amount of time, please contact the front office in order to make sure that the message has been received.  
      On Friday of each week,  we have a PLC schedule.  I am in meetings from 2:15 - 4:00.  I  do not see the students after 2:15, and am unable to check the email until after my meeting.  

    • Grades:  Grades will be posted on-line regularly. I try to have grades posted within 24/48 hours of a graded assignment.  You should be able to view your child's grades using "Home Access Center".  See the district website, "Parent" tab.  If a paper comes home in the Friday folder and it does not have a grade at the top, then it was not a graded assignment that is part of the student's average. Those papers that do have a number/letter grade are part of the average.  We are currently in the 2nd  nine week grading period. 

    • Dimissal Time - 3:10 -Biker/Walker  3:15 Car Riders
    •  Change in Transportation - Please let me know if your child has a change in transportation through email or a note sent with your child.  If I receive the email, I will quickly type back - if not, please call the front office in order to make sure that your child is aware of the change.  Remember, with our block schedules, we are dismissing our 2nd block students.  
    •  Jackets - Don't forget those "backpack" jackets.  Our room can be chilly!   Please be sure to have their name in the jacket. 
    • Planner/Homework
    Please check you child's homework folder daily.  The homework is posted in the same place in our room each day, and the children are reminded in the projected message, as well as verbally, to copy their homework assignment.  If a student forgets his/her homework at school, they are welcome to come in at 7:30 to get it, and work on it in the classroom.    

    • Citizen of the Week
    Each week, we will have a "Citizen of the Week".   The Citizen of the Week will bring home a "newspaper" on Wednesday to be filled out and returned on the following Wednesday. The citizen will then have the opportunity to share the items they have included in the newspaper, along with 3-4 pictures they are asked to bring for the special Citizen board.    
    • Snack/Water Bottle
    Please remember to send a healthy snack and water bottle with your child daily. Please send a non-spraying sports type water bottle to class in order to prevent spills. This is a working snack.  Finger foods are needed during this time. 1 regular size snack or 2 small snacks, please.  A snack buffet leads to full/tired kiddos.  Please do not send items that need to be dipped or use a utensil.     For example - While an orange is healthy, it might not be a good choice if it is juicy.  Finger foods such as popcorn, pretzels, goldfish, grapes, sliced apples, and crackers are great for working snack time.   Thank you for your cooperation.
    Be sure to check the "Academics This Week" for current academic information.