• Campus Webmaster: david.knight@humbleisd.net

    ALL announcement/website requests must be sent through the SCHOOL SPONSOR or COACH.  Please send your announcement to them for verification, and the sponsor/coach will forward it to Mr. Knight. 

    All requests for the daily announcements must be received by 8:30 AM daily. 

    Keep your information as concise as possible.  Be aware that we may have to edit your request.
    Info/pictures for the website can be sent at anytime, but only from the sponsor.
    When sending pictures, please provide the following information: 
    • The name(s) of the student(s) and their grade.
    • Describe the activity.  A short "blurb" or caption will work fine.
    • The name of the teacher, sponsor, or coach of the activity.
    • Please let us know if we can forward the picture and info to the school district and local media.
    • Photographer credit.  

    Thanks for understanding.  You might want to get the info to the sponsor a few days early so they have time to read, approve, and forward.