Check In/Out Procedures

  • Any students who leave or arrive during the school day must sign in/out at the Attendance Office.
    KHS no longer accepts telephone check-outs.

    No check outs past 2:15 p.m. unless prearranged earlier in the day or through the clinic.

    Any non-school related check-outs for students during the day will be handled by the House Office Secretary by 9:30 and after that time should be directed to the Attendance Office.  This includes Parent/Guardian emails, notes, phone calls from a Parent/Guardian, home and returns, and clinic passes.

    House Assistants:
     A-Ci   Kenya Davalos ~
    Cl-Go   Bri Escamilla ~
    Gr-La   Codie Ragsdale ~
    Le-N   Amanda Benavides ~
    O-Si    Rita Douglas ~
    Sm-Z    Laura Bean~

    If a student knows in advance they need to leave campus during the day, they need to have their Parent/Guardian Email with the following information:

    • Name, ID#, Time of checkout, reason for checkout, will student be returning that same day. 

    If a student is ill: The student should go to the CLINIC with a clinic pass from their teacher. If it is determined the student needs to go home, the nurse will then call the Parent/Guardian to pick up the student.  The Parent/Guardian will check in at the Receptionist Desk when picking up the student from the clinic.  The Receptionist will direct the Parent/Guardian to the clinic.

    Students must have their check-out pass TIME STAMPED BY THE ATTENDANCE OFFICE in order to be in the parking lot when leaving campus.

    Please bring your check-out pass back to the Attendance Office, along with your note (doctor, college, court, etc.), when returning to school.This can be done on the same day or the following day. Reminder: Notes are to be turned in within 2 days of returning to school. 

    Procedures to enter/return to campus during the school day

    • Students who arrive to school between 7:25-7:40 (Thursdays after 9:25 and before 9:40) should go directly to their house assistant principal’s office for a tardy. Students arriving after that time are considered absent for that class and should sign in at the attendance office upon their arrival.  Students arriving after 7:40 (Thursday after 9:40) with an email, note from a parent or doctor, the absence will be considered excused.  If students arrive after 7:40 (Thursdays after 9:40) without a note, they will have 48 hours to clear up their absence.

    • Parents do not have to be present to sign in their student, but we do need an email, or note.

    • An excuse (parent email, parent call, parent note, doctor note, college letter, court document, etc.) is required for all non-school related absences even if signed out by a parent. The student has TWO DAYS after his/her return to school to bring an absence excuse. If no excuse is submitted, the absence will remain unexcused.

    • Please monitor your student’s attendance on HAC regularly, especially after an absence, to make certain his/her attendance records are accurate.