•  Classroom expectations:

    1. When someone “has the floor” everyone else is quiet and listening.
    2. Please be recognized before speaking.
    3. Use the restroom before coming to class. No restroom trips during testing.
    4. Be on time! Be in dress code! Wear your ID!  Policies will be enforced.
    5. Come prepared with all needed materials.
    6. Use a planner to keep track of assignments and due dates. The class calendar is online.
    7. Turn in assignments on time.
    8. Purses, bags and backpacks will remain on the floor during class period.
    9. Cell phones will be off at all times and  placed in the cell phone "Parking Lot" that hangs on the door. Please be respectful of the District BYOD policy.
    10. Reminder:  You are at Kingwood High School.  You are expected to reach high and be the BEST you can be!
    Quizzes, Tests and Assigned work:
    1. I do not ALWAYS announce quizzes.
    2. Any quiz given is based on reading the textbook. Please check out a book and READ!
    3. I am fairly "laid-back" but I was raised to have a meticulous work ethic. I expect the same from my students.
    4. I assign a certain amount of written/typed work both in and out of class. If the assigned work is to be typed, I expect it to be proper in MLA or APA formatting, grammar, spelling and always proof-read.  If it is in-class, I need it to be neat and readable, with proper structure spelling and grammar UNLESS I tell you otherwise!
    5. AP students need to know that the grade book is a  70/30 split. Level classes are 60/40.