• Kindergarten Dismissal Procedures
    In order to ensure the safety and security of all of our students, we ask for your cooperation when picking up your children from school. Below are the dismissal procedures for children in Kindergarten:
    • If your child is a Car Rider, he/she will be picked up in the small circle drive on Montgomery Lane. Please display your car rider tag in a visible spot in the car. This will help make our dismissal process much smoother and more efficient. Car Rider tags will be sent home Monday in your child's backpack if one is needed. Please let me know if you need one! 
    • If your child is Bus Rider, they will be released from the bus at their stop so please make sure that they know how to get home or someone is there to pick them up.
    • If your child goes to Day Care, please make sure your child's teacher has the name of their day care! This will go on a "Go-Home Tag" that the students will wear for the first 2 weeks of school.
    • If your child is a WALKER, they will be released from the Pre-K doors OR the 3rd grade hallway on either side of the school. They will be released/walked off the school property by one of the dismissing teachers.
    • No students will be released from classrooms after 12:50. If you need to pick your child up early, you must pick them up before 12:50. Dismissal changes must also be made before this time.
    For the safety and security of all of our Kindergarteners, we cannot allow parents to walk up and pick their child up off the car rider line or near the buses. If you need to pick up your child walking, please place a note in their folder or call (281) 641-1200 (talk to a member of the office staff BEFORE 2:30 PM) and we will move them to the correct dismissal area. This goes for all changes in transportation. Please send a note if your child's method of transportation is going to change for any reason! Please do not leave dismissal change messages on my classroom phone, I do not get the chance to check it regularly and might miss the information. Thank you for your cooperation and continued support!