• Math Olympiad

    Coach:  Ms. Atkins
    2015-16 School Year Schedule
    Monday Meetings from 3:30-4:40
    October 26
    November 2, 9, 30
    December 7, 14
    January 11, 25
    February 1, 8, 29 
    March 7, 28
    April 4
    After April 4th, the club will be narrowed to the top 6 and that schedule will come at after the team has been picked. 
    REMINDER:  You must be able to pick up your child at 4:30 p.m. after practices.
    We are practicing different problem solving strategies. 
    Try this problem at home!

    On a vacation trip, travel costs are 10¢ per mile for the first 75 miles and 18¢ per mile for the remaining 45 miles. Find the average cost per mile of the entire trip, in cents.

     Can you fold a newspaper in half at least 10 times?  How about 25?  Try it.  How thick will the newspaper be after folding it 25 times?  Math Olympiads know the answer!