• Required Supplies

       1. Instrument *
       2. Tuner  
       3. Orchestra Binder ( provided by Mr. Taylor, required every day for class )
       4. Rosin
       5. Shoulder Rest ( Violin/viola students only )
       6. Rock Stop ( cello/bass student only )
       7. Cleaning cloth
       8. Stool ( for use at home – bass students )
       9. Folding Stand ( for home use and for warm-up during All Region/ Solo and Ensemble Contest )

    * In accordance with Humble ISD Fine Arts Office policy, violin/viola/cello students are required to rent or own their instrument. Only bass players are provided with school instruments for home use.

    Approved Instrument Vendors
    Lisle Violin Shop and Fishburn Violin Shop are the only approved vendors for Humble ISD. I have found that other vendors can provide poor quality instruments or instruments that have not been properly adjusted and finished. Lisle Violin Shop and Fishburn Violin Shop make it their policy to meet the standards of orchestra teachers.
    Renting from Lisle or Fishburn is GREAT because:
    1. You’ll never have to drive there. They send a representative to KPHS every week to drop off supplies and/or pick up repairs.
    2. Their rental plans include insurance. If your Child sits or steps on their instrument (which does happen!), or needs a bow re-hair—they will do this at NO COST TO YOU.
    3. AS your child grows, they will require a larger sized instrument. When that happens, you simply call your violin shop, and they will exchange the current instrument with a larger one at NO EXTRA COST.
    ***Please bring any instrument not from Lisle or Fishburn to Mr. Taylor so he may check the quality of the instrument before you make a purchase or sign a contract.


    All orchestra members will be required to check out a uniform and pay a uniform fee.