• Automotive Technology

    Class Policies


    In school, as well as in the work place, it is necessary to establish certain rules of conduct for all to follow.



    General Information:


    1.     Arrive to class on-time (in person or virtual classes)

    2.     Be in your seat when the bell rings

    3.     Log into Schoology each day, complete assignments on time

    4.     Follow directions the first time given

    5.     Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself

    6.     Get permission before leaving class for any reason (restroom, nurse, etc)

    7.     Follow district, state and federal guidelines for PPE, and safety regulations

            (masks, social distancing, etc)

    8.     Safety glasses must be worn in shop/lab

    9.     Closed toe shoes must be worn in shop/lab 

    10.    The Humble ISD electronic policy (cell phone) will be followed in the classroom/lab area.                                          
                                The green/red sign will be posted on the board.






    1.     Warning

    2.     Restriction of lab privileges

    3.     Call parent

    4.     Office – conduct slip






    1.     Radio in the lab

    2.     Drinks allowed in lab