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    Why do we Commit for Life?

    Our mission to help save and sustain lives can not be fulfilled without committed donors. With the Commit for Life High School School Program we strive to create a positive learning and donation experience for young donors. By providing training, education and meaningful opportunities for these students, we are building the Commit for Life donors, volunteers and chairpersons for the future.

    While saving lives, students will benefit by:

    • Gaining opportunities to earn one of 20 $1,000 creative scholarships awarded by Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center each year;
    • Enjoying other educational advantages such as tours of The Blood Center, Memorial Hermann Hospital Life flight and more;
    • Receiving premium T-shirts, plus a donation by The Blood Center to your school's Project Graduation or equivalent;
    • Earning community service hours for hosting blood drives as a part of a group, like Hosa, NHS or Student Council. Host group will receive special "All Access Pass" lanyards; and
    • Seeing that all participants, both the host group and the donors, do make a difference in the world. Each donation can help save up to three lives!

    Are 16-Year-Olds Eligible to Donate?

    Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center is taking another monumental step to help increase the blood supply in our region. As of May 1, 2007, The Blood Center accepts whole blood donations from 16-year-old donors with their parents’ consent (see below for forms). By becoming a blood donor, 16-year-olds are showing great civic responsibility, maturity and a sense of community pride by saving up to three lives with one donation.

    To be eligible, individuals who are 16 years old, 122 pounds, are in general good health and receive permission from their parents or guardian can donate blood. At this time, donations from 16-year-old donors are limited to only whole blood donations. Of course, individuals who are at least 17 years old, 110 pounds and in general good health also can donate.

    Please Commit for Life by donating at least once every quarter, and spread the word letting your friends and family members know about this new opportunity.

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