• Poinsettia Facts

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  • Region Contract (for parent signature)

    To be signed and returned by all Varsity Students.

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  • Join and Support our HMS Choir Booster Club

    Dear Choir Families   

      Our booster club will support choir student activities throughout the school year. By fundraising and utilizing skills and talents of our booster club members we can help to curb the cost for each student to participate in choir trips to share/compete with their vocal talents. Due to the large number of 6th grade students joining choir this year, we are planning a special 6th Grade Choir Trip to a fun destination known as “ITZ” near Willowbrook.  Ms. Reyna also plans to have the 7-8th grade students perform and enjoy a day at Schlitterbahn Waterpark in Galveston, TX.  These are trips that will be memorable and exciting to both students and their parents/guardians. Another activity we are looking forward to supporting includes an Opera field trip. Limited to 44 students, this trip would be a first time opportunity to attend an Opera production and receive a behind the scenes education during intermission.

    These events would reward students for their self-discipline and hard work, hopefully to be used as a teaching tool that supports Ms. Reyna's classroom motto:                     "You have to work hard before you can have fun".


    We look forward to having each of you join with us to make this a spectacular year for our students of all grade levels.  The Booster Club Fee will remain only $10 this year. Booster club meetings will be held the first Wednesday of every month at 6:30- 7:30, in the HMS choir room. All members are invited to attend. Also, we will have a membership table set up at the Choir Concert, October 19, 2016. Please stop by and meet with other families teaming together to support the beautiful voices of the HMS Choir.


    Best Regards,


    John Rojas

    HMS Booster Club President

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  • Field Trip Permission Slip for 2018-19

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  • HMS Choir Handbook 2018-19

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