• Google Moderator

    Google Moderator allows groups of people to post and vote on questions or ideas. It’s more than a forum. Participants can submit ideas that everyone can view and vote on.

    Questions, ideas, or comments on the Google Moderator page are automatically ranked based on the number of votes. The ranking is based on the percentage of positive votes to the number of total votes.

    Moderator allows the speaker/teacher to address questions that are relevant to the most number of people/students. It can be used in any situation where the speaker wishes to solicit ideas or questions and solicit votes for or against.

    Here are some ways to use Moderator to enhance your classroom:


    • Review for exams or review homework. Allow students to submit topics they would like to review. The entire class can add topics and their vote to topics that are concerning to them. The most popular topics can be covered in class.
    • Reading assignments. Set up a page for questions about the reading materials. Class members can vote on those questions to help the instructor understand what to cover in the day’s lesson.
    • YouTube videos. Attach a YouTube video and ask students to submit questions or comments and vote on their top three questions.
    • Meetings. Allow committee members to submit ideas for the agenda. The most popular issues can be addressed first.

    To begin, login to your GAFE account at https://www.humbleisd.net/gafe; then, goto http://www.google.com/moderator to begin creating a Moderator page. Once the page is created, you can then linkto it from your Schoolwires webpage, making it easy for students to access thevoting page.


    Create a Moderator Series (Page) 

    A Moderator page consists of a series of questions. The page is called a “series”; a “topic” is a subject within a series.  The simplest format is to create a Moderator page for a session where you plan to have students submit questions. The series might be “Midterm Exam Review” and the topic might be “Questions.” Other examples are Final Exam Review and Project Ideas,. Once the series is created, students can click on Midterm Exam Review and enter questions, post comments, and vote on suggestions.


    To create a Moderator Series (Page), go to http://www.google.com/moderator.

    • Click on Create Series.

     Create Series

    • Click on Advanced and make the following choices:
    • Provide a title and description.
    • Attach a YouTube video link if desired.
    • For series visibility, choose “Anyone with a link.”
    • Owners are people who can make changes to the series name or description, add new topics and add comments.
    • Choose “ideas, questions, or suggestions” in an “event, topic, or meeting.”
    • Choose the items in the content control section.
    • Click on Create Series. 
    Your series will have a unique URL which you can bookmark andsave. You will use this URL to insert onto your Schoolwires webpage.

    NOTE: You can also create a series and add topics. For example, create a series named English 1st Period Moderator Page. Add topics named Midterm Review and Final Exam Review. You can share a topic link by going to the topic then copying the URL. 

    View as a Student

    When students click on the link, this is what they will see. After logging in, they can submit questions, view questions, or share the link.

    Student View

    Click on View Questions to display this screen. Click the “check mark” or “x” to vote. Click the “Post a response” link to add a comment. If the question is inappropriate, click on “Flag as inappropriate.” Click on “Submit a question” to add another question.  Anyone who submits a question or idea can remove it at any time. A question highlighted in blue is a question that you have not yet seen. Click on “Presentation view” to see a simplified window of questions. You can scroll through the top votes, but cannot vote in presentation view. 

    Presentation View

    Manage the Moderator Series 

    • The owner of a series can display the flagged questions and choose “I agree” to remove a flagged question or “I disagree” to keep the question in the list. The owner can change his or her mind and reverse the option.
    • Display question on a projector using Presentation view. The screen is much less cluttered, and it is an easy way to showcase the results of the voting to easily go through the top questions.

    View a short video clip about participation in a Google Moderator Series.

    https://www.google.com/moderator/#16/e=210fb1 - Extreme MakeOver - Education Edition

    https://www.google.com/moderator/#16/e=209d79 -  Technology Training Thoughts

    https://www.google.com/moderator/#16/e=20cc2b - Google Summit Sample Moderator Page

    https://www.google.com/moderator/#16/e=1fe6a2 - Questions for the Candidates Sample Moderator Page

     adapted from ncss.edu