• See your counselor or the Dual Credit Liaison in the KPHS Library
    Click here for the link to the Lonestar College/Kingwood Dual Credit information page:    http://www.lonestar.edu/dualcredit/

    Dual Credit is part of the Lone Star College System’s exceptional admissions program. It is especially designed for secondary education students. Those who qualify can earn high school and college credit.   Both high school and college credit are awarded upon successful completion (C or better) of the course.

    Before taking dual credit courses, please check with the university of choice to confirm if a dual credit course you are planning to take will transfer.  

    All Dual Credit courses are dependent upon enrollment and teacher availability.


    • Cost is significantly less.

    • College Degree completion in less time. Summer and Night Courses are available

    • Increased self-confidence from college success.

    • Access to college services including library, free tutoring, campus events, free email account and more.

    • Ease the transition into college

    • Development of good college study habits.

    • Convenience of most dual credit courses taught at the high school during the regular day schedule.

    •  Additional savings in transportation, living, and textbooks costs.

    • “Sophomore standing” may be granted with enough dual credit classes, to junior colleges/4-year institutions; however, confirm your standing with the institution you plan to attend.


     To enroll students must meet the following requirements:

    Applied to Lonestar College

    *Currently attending high school 

    Have approval from parent/guardian and a high school counselor

    Eligible students must have a signed “Exceptional Admission Application” on file with the high school and college.

    The student has taken an approved test assessment: in areas of reading, writing, essay, and math;    

    PSAT 10, 11th only /Math= 510+  Reading 460+

    SAT   Math=530+ Read=480+

    ACT    Math= 19+  Read=19+  Composite 23+

    TSI - Reading 351+, Writing 340+ Essay 4+  Math 350+

              STAAR- English II - 4000+, Alg 1 -4000+ and a B or better in Alg 2