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    Dual Credit

    Dual credit courses are college-level classes students can take while in high school to simultaneously earn high school and college credit. We partner with Lone Star College-Kingwood to offer dual credit courses in the core curriculum and foreign languages.


    • Many dual credit courses transfer to Texas public colleges and universities, private institutions, and some out-of-state colleges and universities.
    • Save money on college tuition - dual credit students receive a 100% tuition waiver.
    • Accelerate time to degree completion by getting a head start in college - dual credit students can earn up to a year or more of college credit.
    • Build confidence by easing the transition to college.
    • Dual credit allow students the opportunity to complete the core curriculum offered at Texas public colleges and universities. If completed, coursework transfers and takes the place of the core curriculum at the receiving institution - this is equivalent to more than what's needed for college sophomore status.

    Lone Star College Dual Credit Transfer Document

    How to Become Core Complete

    Lone Star College Core Curriculum

    Core Complete Course Checklist

    Advanced Placement (AP) or Dual Credit...What is best for you?

    Students and parents often ask what program is better, Advanced Placement (AP) or Dual Credit. The answer to that question is different for each student and is contingent upon many factors (i.e. where the student plans to attend college, course offerings and availability, financial need, etc.).

    Texas Success Initiative-Assessment (TSI-A)

    All students interested in taking Dual Credit must be TSI complete by successfully completing the TSI Assessment or by being exempt from equivalent measures. Click here to learn more about TSI exemptions and other approved scores for Dual Credit enrollment.

    In May 2015, the College Board released a free TSI-A web-based study app.

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