• Pledge to Kingwood High School
    Kingwood High School Alma Mater

    Kingwood High, we pledge to you
    Honor and respect
    For you stand that we may learn
    Wonders, then reflect
    As we spread throughout the land
    Knowledge is our light
    Through life's struggles we recall
    Kingwood's "Blue and White."
    Kingwood High School
    Fight Song
    Fight, you mighty Mustangs,
    Win the game tonight;
    Show the other team who's
    Behind the Blue and White.
    The best is what we'll be when
    We're put to the test;
    Let's show them, Kingwood Mustangs


    Go you mighty Mustangs,
    With victory in sight,
    Win you mighty Mustangs,
    Let's take that game tonight.


    Our Mustang pride will lead us to victory again!
    'Cause we're the Mustangs!