The Insperity Observatory
    Located at Jack Fields, Sr. Elementary
    2505 S. Houston Ave.
    Humble, TX 77396
    Other Organizations
    Requesting Access to the
    Insperity Observatory

    The Insperity Observatory now has a procedure in place to provide access to the observatory to groups outside of the school district.  We request that a donation be made to the Humble ISD Education Foundation.  If you are interested please follow these steps.
    1. Please contact the Observatory Director via email at aaron@clevenson.org to request a specific date and time.
    2. Once a date and time has been reserved, we will provide you with a link to make a donation to the Humble ISD Education Foundation.
    3. Once the donation has been processed, you will receive a confirmation email from the Observatory Director.

    Please note these rules and regulations: 

    • The Insperity Observatory is located on Humble Independent School District property.
    • No alcohol is permitted on school district property.
    • No tobacco products may be used on school district property.
    • No firearms are allowed on school district property.
    • No food or drink is allowed inside the observatory.
    • Adequate adult supervision must be provided for children visiting the observatory.
    • Astronomers that operate the observatory are volunteers.  Reservations require the presence of certified building managers and astronomers.  If these resources are not available, then the reservation will be rescheduled or cancelled or a refund of the donation will be provided.

    Requested donations vary based on the size of the group and the nature of the group.  This is a breakdown of that structure with detailed information:

    • Please enter a quantity of 1 for the category that best defines the group and its size.
    • Additional donations are encouraged to help operate and maintain the observatory.  We do not receive funds from the school district budget.  We are dependent on donations to operate the building and maintain the equipment.
    • Schools inside of Humble ISD and campuses of Lone Star College can make reservations at the observatory at no cost on the request a time slot page.
    • School support groups are defined as groups that directly support the students of Humble ISD.  This includes PTAs, PTOs, Boy Scout troops, Girl Scout troops, etc.
    • Not-for-profit entities include schools in other school districts, private schools, religious groups, and other not-for-profit entities.
    • All other companies and organizations are considered for-profit entities.