• This year, we are not just having art class, we are having smART class!  Everything we are learning is linked to this theme, this central idea about making smart choices and learning how to be a "smART artist".  My expectations for the students is that they will follow the smART rules, which are;
    Share and take care of materials
    Make mistakes and then fix them!
    Appreciate others work, but don't touch!
    Respect each other
    Talk quietly when allowed
    If the students follow the rules (which they are expected to) and maybe even go over and above the rules, such as; participating actively in class by answering and asking questions, being helpful or encouraging to another student, helping to clean up well in the art room, then they may be awarded the "smART Artist" award- a bracelet that says "I am a smART Artist!". If they are one of the two students in each class that earns the bracelet that day, then their name goes into a grade level container and can possibly be pulled during the school year to receive an art supply to take home with them.  The students are so proud when they earn the bracelet.  I tell them WHY they earned it, so they know they were not just randomly chosen, but that they were being very SMART in class and that's something they can be in every class, not just art.  Making smart choices is not just a school thing, but a life thing, and this is something we should all expect of ourselves and each other.