The school will be closed to all visitors on STAAR Testing days. 
    In an effort to create an atmosphere of testing integrity, please note the following information that will affect all students on our campus;
    • No campus visitations or guests at ASE on STAAR testing days or on the STAAR makeup testing days.
    • Fine Arts will not take place on STAAR testing days.
    • Please refrain from making any lunch deliveries on STAAR testing days.
    • Please send a water bottle (filled with water only) to school with your child as well as a healthy snack that is not messy. A STAAR snack will also be provided for students testing.
    Cell Phone Policy- According to TEA students are not permitted to have cell phones or other electronic devices on their person or within reach during STAAR testing. If the student has a cell phone it must be turned off and turned in to the teacher to be placed in a cabinet until after testing. Cell phone usage during testing is a serious violation and will be considered cheating.