• Do you want to be a Wildcatdet?

    Audition Packets are due on February 18th by 3:00pm.
    Audition Packets should be turned in to Ms. Johnson in the dance room. 
    Incomplete packets will NOT BE ACCEPTED.
    MANDATORY INTEREST MEETING: Jan 30th at HHS LGI-1, 7:00pm. Candidate and Parents must be in attendance to audition. ( For any extenuating circumstances contact Ms. Johnson) 
    Try-out Clinic March 2nd-4th from 4:30-6:00pm.
    Try-out Date: March 5th from 4:30-TBD.
    Applications are available at the front desk at HHS or in the dance room (Rm. 2000). You can also download & print below. PRINT BOTH
    Please view the Humble High School Dance Team Constitution. The Consitution contains our by- laws and contracts that need to be signed prior to auditioning. 

    Q. Do you have to be able to do the splits to make the team?  

         A. Not necessarily, but if you do have them in will increase your likelihood of making the team.

    Q. Is the dance going to be difficult?

         A. Possibly, it depends on your dance background. 

    Q. Do you have to take dance class to try-out? 

          A.  No, but you will learn many of the required skills.
    Q. I have never danced before, do I have a chance to make the team?
         A. EVERYONE has a chance! We are looking for positive attitudes, rhythm, hard-workers, and potential!
    Q. How many girls will make the team?
         A. There is not a set number of Wildcatdets. The number of girls that make the  team will depend on how many try-out and where the natural largest break in the scores appears.
    Q. Can incoming freshman be on Varsity?
          A. Yes, if they score high enough.
    Q.  Will there be a JV Squad? 
          A. No, those that do not score high enough to be on the Varsity line, but still want to audition for the following year will be placed in our Drill Prep Class. This class is a more advanced class focused on dance team prep. We have many girls in the class that might not want to audition for Wildcatdets, but just want to push themselves as dance students.
    Q. What technical skills will be in the audition routine?
          A. You can expect to see: Chaine, leap, leap in 2nd, a series of high kicks, double pirouette, footwork combinations, directional changes, and floorwork. Please remember that we judge off POTENTIAL, of course we would love for you to have these skills mastered, but if you are close we will know how coachable you are. We are team that is very big on style and movement quality so if you like to perform that will help your technical score:)
    Questions? E-mail Ms. Johnson, the dance team director, at AshleyElaine.Johnson@humbleisd.net.