• Atascocita High School Core Values


    1.    We believe extracurricular activities enrich our students and are vital for individual and school identity.

    1.    We believe students learn best in a positive, consistent and safe environment.

    1.    We believe all students can learn and have the opportunity to be successful.

    1.    Accountability, responsibility, and professional communication are essential to the success of our community.

    1.    We believe high expectations and academic rigor prepare students to be career and college ready.  

    1.    We strive to build relationships with all stakeholders based on mutual respect, tolerance, and unity.

    1.    We believe diversity and creativity are an integral and necessary part of our campus culture.

    1.    We believe that every student is entitled to a teacher who is the best we can hire for that position and is chosen solely on merit.

    1.    We believe the rules and policies we adopt must ultimately benefit students over adults.


    *All of these are numbered with a 1 because no one value is more important than any other value.