• Old Campus

    Humble Elementary's History

    The first Humble Elementary was originally located on Avenue D. and Higgins. In 1948, Humble Elementary opened a new building on Charles Street. After 50 years of service, educating the children of Humble, it became evident that a replacement of the Charles Street facility was necessary in order to support technology and provide additional classroom space. In 1998, our current campus opened on Fieldtree Drive in the Northshire neighborhood, behind Deerbrook Mall. Throughout the years, the Humble community and school personnel have formed a strong bond of partnership, forging a union of caring for children and their education.


    Humble Elementary’s Mission 

    Our mission as a school community is to work together to provide a positive learning environment by meeting our students' individual needs, so they can be successful in an ever-changing world. 

    Humble Elementary's Vision

    We envision schools where students and staff are enthusiastically engaged in learning. We see schools that encourage collaboration and cultivate a sense of belonging. We see learning standards that are rigorous and relevant. We see learning standards that inspire creativity and problem solving. Ultimately, we see schools that prepare students for many paths and empower them with skills to successfully live in a rapidly changing world.