• I was born on the island of Cuba and came to this wonderful country when I was nine years old.   I knew absolutely no English, but within a couple of years, I was able to represent my third grade classroom in the school's Spelling Bee.  It was quite an achievement since I was the only non-native English speaking student in that classroom.

    It had always been a goal of mine to get my education, so I started going to college while my children were in middle and high school.  I graduated in 1998 and have been teaching ever since.  My first teaching assignment was at a low income school where gangs were prevalent.  Before moving to Houston, I taught at a private international school in London (ACS Hillingdon International).  Every teaching opportunity has afforded me valuable and memorable experiences, something for which I am grateful.

    I have four children and sixteen grandchildren.  My husband was a naval officer (he passed away a few years ago), so we moved around often.  I've lived in (or visited) many different and interesting places.  I consider this a great advantage, and feel that my teaching has been enriched by my many experiences.  As my students are often heard saying, "She's been everywhere!"