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    What you need to know
        Important Daily Events: 
     Recess                10:35 - 10:45
     Lunch                  12:50 - 1:25
     Specials              1:30 - 2:25
    folderSupplies and Backpacks: Due to the CoVid Pandemic there are no shared supplies.  Please make sure your student has sharpened pencils in their backpack/pencil bag each day.  A handheld sharpener with a shavings collection is advised.
    fruit and veggiesSnack: You will be given 10 minutes each morning to eat a healthy snack.  A healthy snack includes fruit, cut veggies, crackers, etc.
    water droplet
    Water bottles: Due to the CoVid pandemic, water fountains have been turned off.  Please bring 2 filled water bottles.