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                        FIRST GRADE LUNCH TIME: 10:45-11:15 

    Menu Prices

    Breakfast - $1.40

    Lunch - $2.25

    *Prices subject to change*



    Students may enter the building through the cafeteria doors or bike rack doors.  Parents may only enter through the security vestibule.  They must have a current driver’s license or picture identification.  Only parents with school business are allowed past the security vestibule. (i.e. teacher conferences, volunteering, lunching with students)

    Arrival Procedures:

    Students may enter through the cafeteria doors at 7:45, unless they are buying breakfast, then they may arrive at 7:30.  Students arriving after Pledge and opening activities in the cafeteria will go directly to classrooms.  Students arriving after 7:55 must report to the security vestibule.  Classroom instruction begins at 7:55; please make every effort to bring your child to school on time.

    Dismissal Procedures

    3:20 – Day care (front door)

    -     Car riders (cafeteria doors)

    3:20 – Bike Riders (bike rack)

    3:20 – Walkers (back door)

            – Bus riders (front doors)

    *Make sure rainy day dismissal form is always current and on file.

    Rainy Day Dismissal

    Students will be dismissed to cafeteria.  It is extremely important that you discuss plans with your child for a rainy day dismissal so when the time   comes s/he will not be upset and will feel confident   as to what to do in case of rain.

    Daily Folders

    ·         Students will bring home “Daily Folder” that contains:

    o        Homework Calendar

    o        Conduct Report

    o        Parent Communication

    *Please review the contents. Sign conduct and homework calendar and return the folder each day.

    Dress Code

    ·         Please refer to the Parent/Student Handbook page DM11-12 for dress and grooming guidelines.

    ·         Pay special attention to:

    o        no short shorts

    o        no spaghetti straps, tank tops, or fashions with slits

    o        no make-up

    o        no high heels or flip-flops

    o        no caps or hats

    Snack Guidelines

    ·         Nutritious snack

    ·         Finger foods are encouraged. (No utensils necessary.)

    ·         Bottled water is acceptable and must have a cap/lid.