• Humble ISD Equipment/Facilities Forms
    This form must be completed by parent and student prior to any use of chapter equipment as outlined in the equipment agreement form.
    Humble ISD requires that each student and parent sign a facilities agreement for those who will be housing a project animal at the district Ag Facilities. This form outlines rules, expectations, and consequences for violations. We strive to make this a safe setting for not only the animals but students as well.
    Humble ISD Livestock Show Forms
    This is a list of the schedule of events along with the dates for each animal's show. This form will help you plan your attendance at the show.
    This is a complete list of all the rules that apply to the Humble Livestock Show & Rodeo. It is strongly recommended that you print a copy and review it prior to purchasing an animal. If you have any questions, please contact an Ag Teacher.
    2020 Humble ISD Livestock Show Guranteed Buyer Form 
    This is a unique opportunity for FFA members that are involved in the Humble ISD Livestock Show. This show is the only show that we particpate in that offers this opportunity. While it is not manditory to have a sponsor to purchase an animal to show it at the Humble ISD Livestock Show, it is strongly encouraged that each student secure a sponsor for their animal. This is the primary source for students to recoup some of their expenses in the event they do not make the live auction. This form must be turned in  with all other forms necessary for the purchase of an animal regardless if your student has a sponsor or not. Please contact an Ag Teacher if you have any questions.
    Animal Forms
    KPark Forms