Library of Congress
     KHS Close Up in the Library of Congress 2012
    2020 Close Up Trip to Washington DC and New York City
    We will spend 5 days in Washington DC!  While there will be time for traditional sightseeing, that is not the focus of the trip.  Close Up tries to create a hands on class room at the major sites in our nations capital, and the focus of the Foundation is getting students a “close up” view of government and democracy in action.  Students will be engaged in walking workshops, tours, debates, as well as seeing the major historical landmarks, meeting their State Representatives and Senators (or try to...sometimes our Senators are busy), and generally getting a much broader view of how our government works. 
    As the Close up Sponsor in 2008 and 2012 I was amazed at the high levels fo student action, as well as the constant activities the students were involved in.  This is a very HANDS on learning experience, and students should be prepared for 12 hours a day of program activities.  
    I will be more than happy to answer any questions you have.  Email me at joseph.ogden@humbleisd.net.  
    Dates and Prices for this year’s trip are as follows:  
    • We will depart Sunday, March 15th 2020.
    • The trip is all-inclusive (airfare from IAH, meals, hotels, tips, security/supervision). 
    • the 6-day/5-night DC trip is $ 1935 until June 19th, after that the price will increase (TBD).
    • We will return Friday, March 20th
    Here is a link to the Close Up Foundation website:  http://closeup.org/