• Employment Policies

    Dissemination of Required Information
    Humble ISD is required to disseminate information to all employees. If you would like a hard copy of this information, please contact your supervisor. Click on Humble ISD Board Policy to access the following pertinent issues:
    For All Employees:
    Discrimination, harassment, and retaliation (DH< FNC< DIA [LOCAL], FFH [LOCAL])
    Bullying (FFI [LOCAL])
    Child abuse and neglect (DH [LOCAL], FFG [LEGAL], GRA [LEGAL] and [LOCIAL])
    Drug Free Workplace (DH [LOCAL]
    Employee Handbook
    For Teachers and Administrators:
    Student Discipline
    Elementary and Secondary Student Handbooks
    Student Code of Conduct
    For Term Contract Employees:
    Employment Policies (DDA, DBAA, DBD, DC, DCB, DEA, DEAA, DEC, DECA, DECB, DFAC, DFB, DFD, DFE, DFF, DG DGBA, DH, DHE, DI, DIA, DK, and DN)