• Dear Kingwood Park High School Families,

    Thank you in advance for your ongoing support of the Kingwood Park Annual Fund!

    Over the last eight years, the KPark Annual Fund has provided opportunities for teachers and students to extend learning beyond the traditional setting. We have purchased multiple carts of iPads and Chromebooks to more deeply engage students in learning.  We have provided impactful professional development to a substantial portion of our staff at Rice University, the national Schoology conference and Capturing Kids Hearts.  We have annually supported the Day of Service which exposes 100% of our freshman class to the values and benefits of serving their communities.  We have purchased BreakoutEDU kits so that teachers can design fun, innovative learning experiences for their students. We have supported our robotics, health science and aerospace engineering programs. We have also upgraded much of the equipment in our science labs, benefitting every single student who takes a science class at KPark.  As administrators, it is so rewarding to see the excitement of teachers and students when provided these opportunities.  

    It truly is only because of the support of our greater KPark Family that we are able to provide these opportunities to our students and staff. Without the KPark Annual Fund, our traditional budget would not allow us to continue to offer these unique, in some cases one of a kind, learning opportunities. 

    On the back page of this letter, you will see some additional information about our Annual Fund that will hopefully answer any questions you may have.  Making a gift is very easy and most families donate online.

    To donate online, please go to  Donate Now and make a gift online by credit or debit card.  Instead of writing one big check now, at this very busy time, you can spread your gift out over several months by setting up a recurring, monthly donation.  You can specify the amount, the frequency and the start and end dates. This is definitely the most convenient way to give. Any gift, no matter the size, makes all the difference in the world.

    We could never provide these opportunities to our students without your support of the Annual Fund.  The KPark Annual Fund separates us from the rest and allows us to move from being a good school to being a great school.  

    Thank you again for your continued support. We are so fortunate to live and work in such an amazing community that values supporting education. We are KPark Together!




    Lisa Drabing, Principal


    Wes Solomon, Associate Principal