•                                                               Readers' Workshop
    The Guiding Principles of the Independent Reading Workshop 
    (Kathy Collins, 2004) 
    Every day in first grade our readers: 
    * have time to read just-right books independently
    * select their own appropriate books
    * take care of books
    * respect each other's reading time and reading lives
    * have daily opportunities to talk about their books in genuine ways 
    * don't just read the words but also understand the story
    * work is replicable outside the classroom 
    Independent Reading Workshop is the heart of our reading work because it's the time of day when children have the opportunity to orchestrate all they know about reading in order to read their own just-right books
    (Lucy Calkins, 2001). 
    A Balanced Literacy Framework 
    From: Guided Reading by Fountas and Pinnell 
    Reading Aloud
    The teacher reads aloud to the whole class or a small group using a wide arrange of children's literature. 
     Shared Reading
    Using an enlarged text of poetry or big books, the teacher involves children in reading together following a pointer. Reading strategies for decoding words and reading for comprehension are taught.
    Guided Reading 
    The teacher works with a small group who have similar reading abilities. The teacher selects and introduces new books and supports children reading the text to themselves, making teaching points during and after the reading. During this time students use their strategies to become independent readers. Working with words (I use magnetic letters a lot) could be a part of the guided reading lesson. Students could also do a follow up activity after reading their book. 
     Independent Reading 
    Children read on their own or with partners. Reading materials could be on their reading level or from a wide range of books. This time allows children to use reading strategies independently. 
    Shared Writing 
     The teacher and the children work together to compose messages and stories. The teacher does the writing and children's ideas are recorded. Provides opportunities to draw attention to letters, words, and sounds. 
    Interactive Writing 
    As in shared writing, the teacher and the children compose messages and stories that are written using a "shared pen" technique that involves children in the writing. 
    Guided Writing/Writer's Workshop
    Children engage in writing a variety of text. Teacher guides this process and provides instruction through minilessons and conferences. Some topics might be different forms of writing or the mechanics of writing.
    Independent Writing 
    Students write their own stories, poems, books, letters, etc. This provides opportunities for students to be creative and practice their writing ability using lots of different forms.