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    Dual Credit
    Lone Star College-Kingwood
    Dual Credit is part of the Lone Star College System’s exceptional admissions program, designed specifically for high school juniors and seniors ready for college-level instruction.  Sophomores are allowed to take foreign language if they take the appropriate language placement test and place into or above 2311. All Dual Credit courses are dependent upon enrollment and teacher availability at your high school. 
    The Dual Credit Program is for students who plan to attend college within the state of Texas.  Before taking dual credit courses, please check with the college of choice to confirm if a dual credit course you are planning to take will transfer.
    The student has the responsibility for applying online, arranging and taking required testing, meeting deadlines, and paying the appropriate fees is yours, as any college student taking a college course. It is important to remember that these courses are COLLEGE COURSES offered at the high school. The expectation of work load and academic challenge are college level.   

    Difference between AP and Dual Credit


    ?Advanced Placement (AP) courses are offered to students who wish to pursue college level studies while in high school.  In addition to receiving high school credit, students may receive college credit ONLY if they take the AP EXAM and score a 3 or higher on the exam.  AP Courses and exams do not  qualify as dual credit. There is a fee to take an AP exam for college credit.  Before taking an AP course, please check with the college of choice to confirm if AP courses will transfer.


            ? Dual Credit is a part of the Lone Star College System’s exceptional admissions program.    The Dual Credit Program is for students who plan to attend college within the state of Texas.  Before taking dual credit courses, please check with the college of choice to confirm if a dual credit course will transfer. Students can earn both high school credit and college credit simultaneously if the student qualifies and completes a dual credit course with a college “C’’ or  better.  Student must take a test (Compass, Accuplacer, Quick Thea, SAT, or ACT) in order qualify for the program.  They must pay fees directly to Lone Star College and maintain a grade of a “C” or better in order to receive credit and remain in the program.

    To enroll in the Dual Credit Program, students must meet the following requirements:

    · Currently attending high school with as a junior or senior.

    · Sophomores are allowed to take foreign language if they place into or above 2311 on the appropriate language placement test S-CAPE.

    · Students must complete an online admission application at http://www.lonestar.edu

    · Have college level placement scores on the Compass, Accuplacer, TSI, SAT, Act, or TAKS
    ELA and essay only. Testing referrals are required which are obtained by a Kingwood LSC Advisor.  The higher level Math, Science, and Language courses may require further testing or further test placement than the required college level placement scores. 
             (Additional testing may be required if a student is taking a math or science college course)
     Practice Test Sites:


    · Have approval from parent or guardian and a high school counselor

    · Eligible students must have a signed “Exceptional Admission Application” on file with the high school and college.

    · High school students must complete each college course attempted with a grade of “C” or better in order to continue enrollment in current and future course.

    Steps you need to take to enroll
    Step 1

        The student and their parents should determine if the student is a good candidate for Dual Credit Program after reviewing Lone Star College’s requirements and expectations. Good candidates for the Dual Credit Program should select their dual credit course choices on their course selection.  Once dual credit courses are selected, the student’s counselor must approve all their course selections.

    Step 2
    Apply online at Lone Star College http://www.lonestar.edu
    Step 3
    See a Lone Star College Advisor for a test referral form. 

             Advising Center:SCC   281 - 312-1613

               Advising Link: http://www.lonestar.edu/advising.htm

               Advising hours: M-Thurs 8 a.m. - 7 p.m      Fri 9:00 a.m - 3 p.m

    Step 4

              Complete assessment testing at Lone Star College - Kingwood.

    Before you test you must:         

                     1.  Complete On Line Application from Lone Star College

                          Can not test without applying online.

                     2.  Have a test request form

                     3.  If testing on Saturday, obtain test request form and pay prior
                           to Saturday. 
                           (Advisors and Cashier are not available on Saturday)

                     4.  Arrive three to four hours before test center closes.

                Bring to the test:

              1.  A photo id   (school id, drivers license)

                     2.  Social Security Number (alternate number can be assigned)

                  3.  Graphing Calculator   (TI 83 or 84) 
                Testing Center - Kingwood - SCC 223 -  203 281-312-1476  
              More Testing information: 

              Test Center Hours:     Monday - Thursday 8 a.m. - 9:00 p.m. 

                                                    Friday - Sat 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

      Step 5 

            Submit qualifying college level assessment scores to Mrs. Goree, located in the Registrar's Office.  Qualifying students will receive a packet to complete.

    Map of Lone Star College -Kingwood

    To get a map of the college, please click on the following link:


    Dual Credit Payment-Fee Schedule

     *Tuition subject to change, check with LSC for the most updated fees*

    Number of Hours

    In District Fees






    The new schedule is based on in-district tuition reduced by 100%, plus the standard $7.00 per credit hour technology fee, $2.00 per credit hour activity fee, $2.00 per credit hour general use fee, and a $12.00 registration fee. Lab fees are not included.




    Payment can be made by one of two methods:


    1.       In person at:

    Lone Star College – Kingwood

    Business Office – Student Conference Center

    20000 Kingwood Drive

    Kingwood, TX 77339


    2.        Online at:


                    Select MyLonestar

                    Login to your account

    Select “Self-Service”

    Select “Student Center”

    Select “Make a Payment/Set up Payment Plan”

            Select “May a Payment”



    Should you require assistance with your payment please contact campus cashiers at 281-312-1581 or 281-312-1592.  Cashiers are on duty Monday, Tuesday, and Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm and Wednesday-Thursday from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm.


    Questions related to your enrollment should be directed to the office of your high school counselor. 
    Note:  You will not be able to pay for your classes online until you have been registered into them. Go on the Lone Star website under mylonestar, sign in, and search for an account statement.  This will indicate that the student is registered.  A bill will be sent via Lone Star College student email.
    Tuition and fees must be paid before the beginning of the semester to remain in the dual credit program.  Some courses are paid for the whole year, and some are paid each semester.


    Jonese Goree, SCHS Liaison 281- 641-5427  jonese.goree@humble.k12.tx.us
    Toni Seiter, Lone Star College Coordinator 281-312-1509 to@lonestar.edu
    Karel Cook, Lone Star College Specialist III 281-318-4356 karel.r.cook@lonestar.edu
    Your high school counselor - Summer Creek High School 281-641-5400