• Appropriate / Inappropriate Concerns to Discuss with Coaches


    Appropriate Concerns for Discussion

    Ø  The treatment of your child.

    Ø  Ways to help your child improve his skills.

    Ø  Concerns about your child’s behavior.


    Inappropriate Concerns for Discussion

    Ø  Amount of playing time and position.

    Ø  Team strategies and game tactics.

    Ø  Any discussion about other student athletes.


    Player / Coach Conferences

    The door will always be open for conferences with players. Players need to have confidence that their concerns will be heard and addressed with respect and confidentiality in a timely manner.

    Parent / Coach / Player Conferences

    Ø  You should always schedule an appointment to meet with the Coach instead of just showing up and expecting a meeting. This is designed so the meeting will go as smoothly as possible.

    Ø  The Coach will only meet with the parents or guardians of that child.

    There will be no large group meetings.