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              The number one goal I want to get across to all athletes in my program is to get an education first and play second. I will challenge my players each and every day to be the highest achiever they can be. I have always thought, “if you take care of your business in the classroom, you will take care of business on the field.” Consistent grade checks throughout the year will be made in order to make sure all athletes are working hard in each class. The skills that are used to be successful in the classroom are the same skills used to be successful on the playing field. I expect each athlete to have a strong desire to be successful in the classroom.


              Each athlete is not only representing himself but also Summer Creek High School therefore, he will be held accountable for the type of character he displays at all times. The true test of character is how you act when no one is around. Character is defined as honesty, fortitude and integrity. Athletes that possess these traits are well respected and represented. Having all of these qualities not only gives the athlete a good name but it also gives his school a good name. We must remember who we represent at all times!

    Goal Oriented

              In athletics it is hard to achieve success without setting goals. I expect all athletes to have short term and long term goals. Working toward a goal really makes a difference because it prepares the athlete for positive success. The reason we start off with short term goals is to let the athletes achieve some success and feel a sense of achievement. Next, we really emphasize long term goals so that all athletes are improving day in and day out to be the best they can be. One thing that really excites me about goal setting is the TEAM GOALS. Having TEAM goals makes a huge difference because believing in one another and obtaining success together is the best feeling in the world. What an amazing feeling when you have worked as hard as you possibly can and you finally accomplish what you set out to achieve.

    What COACHES expect from PLAYERS

    1.           To be on time for practice and games.

    2.           To be in complete uniform and prepared to work/play.

    3.           To bring a good attitude and desire to try and learn.

    4.           To ask questions when they do not understand.

    5.           To respect school, district and elders at all times.

    6.           To respect their teammates.

    7.           To practice their skills and learn their positions.

    8.           To display good behavior and conduct at all times.

    9.           To uphold team rules.

    10.        To have enthusiastic personality toward Soccer.


    What PLAYERS can expect from COACHES

    1.           To set the example.

    2.           To be on time & have a plan for practice.

    3.           To be consistent & predictable in our responses.

    4.           To teach players the skills and techniques to play.

    5.           To listen to player concerns about their performance.

    6.           To not play a player when hurt or sick.

    7.           To respect the referees.

    8.           To enforce UIL and Summer Creek policy and standards.

    9.           To discipline poor behavior immediately.

    10.        To enforce the player contract.