• Payment Procedures:


    Payment for books that have been lost or are damaged beyond repair can be sent in an envelope with your child’s name and “Library,” so that it is not mistaken for lunch money or some other payment. 


    Most books are costly these days.  Library books often have special reinforced binding that holds up to the many uses the book endures, and this makes them more expensive than a book found at the book store or Wal-mart.  If it is impossible for you to pay the entire amount owed for a lost book, you may pay it out over time.  Send what you can, and we will credit that amount.  For each payment you make, a receipt will be sent home showing the amount you paid and the outstanding balance. When one half of the amount is paid, your child will be allowed to check out a book.  If no more payments are received within 30 days of your last payment, your child will again be restricted from checkout until another payment is received.  When the lost book is paid in full, your child will once again be able to check out the number of books allowed for his/her grade level.