• All agriculture education students must complete an SAEP (supervised agricultural experience program) as part of the course curriculum.  This is an outside of class project to enhance learning done in the classroom.
    Many students choose to complete a livestock SAEP but this is not required.  The following links will help explain the SAEP and aid in planning the individual project.  Our classes will also be visiting the computer lab on a bi-monthly basis so that we can assist with the required record keeping.
    *here you can click on Student Scrapbook and see what ag students across the nation are doing for their SAEP
    *here you can view descriptions of major SAE types and learn more about SAE grants and awards
    *learn more about the SAE types and activities
    *this tool helps you identify what type of SAE might fit your learning goals
    *we will use this in the computer lab to set up a project for each student