• Rainy Day Dismissal
    In the event of Rainy Day Dismissal, all students will be held in the building until their car ride has arrived. We do not make the determination to hold students until 3:00 p.m. We make every effort NOT to change standard dismissal procedures. Be assured that our primary concern is the safety of our students. If conditions exist that may pose a threat to students' safety, school administrators may need to override family plans. Such conditions include, but are not limited to, lightning, hail, tornadic activity and extreme cold. In these instances, students will be held until the dangerous conditions have passed or parents have picked up their child(ren) from school.
    The safest manner of student pick-up during inclement weather is the car rider line. We know it becomes long on these days but we encourage you to use that method. If you choose for your student to be a walker please go to the appropriate grade level hallway in the back of the building near the playground equipment. 
    Your child needs to be aware of how they will get home each day. Please make sure your child(ren) understand the specific directions you want them to observe. Each family should develop a bad weather plan for dismissal.  Any change to dismissal must be called into the front office and the message will be relayed to your student and their teacher. It is important that students, staff, and parents be prepared for all conditions.

    We must be certain that children are released only to parents or authorized adults who are listed as emergency contacts. We appreciate your cooperation with these procedures to ensure the safety of all of our Hidden Hollow students.