• School Safety
    At Hidden Hollow we are always alert to possible safety concerns and strive to provide the safest environment for your student.
    Although we welcome your visit to our lovely campus, we must ask that all those who visit beyond the front office register there and wear a visitor's badge while at Hidden Hollow. Please don't forget to bring your driver's license with you as you must have a valid license to enter the building. This includes visits to have lunch with your child on our campus.
    Parents must make prior arrangements with the Principal when desiring to observe in the classrooms.
    Forgotten items and non-emergency phone messages should be placed on the table in the foyer for classroom delivery at 10:00 each school day.
    Procedures will be followed to protect the confidentiality of all students.
    Bad weather and fire procedures are practiced on a regular basis.
    You must list persons who may pick up your child from school in your absence in HAC. Please be sure that this information is accurate and current. We will not release your child to an unauthorized person under any circumstances.