Good Afternoon Incoming Freshmen Band Students and Parents!!

    I want to take a moment to welcome all of you to the Atascocita Military Marching Band!!  Students, you are getting ready to embark on a journey where you will work hard, but you will achieve more than you ever thought possible.  You will make friends for life and you will become part of a tradition of excellence!  Congratulations!


    During the school year, I use emails to give a weekly update of what is coming up and have found that it helps both the parents and students keep up with the schedule.

    1. SUMMER SCHEDULE: Attached is a summer schedule.  As you can see, the band begins rehearsals before school starts; so much is taught during this time, that it is hard for students to catch up if it is missed.  If there is a conflict, parents, please try to reschedule it for your student’s sake.  They will miss a lot of material and their absences will prevent them from earning an initial marching spot.


    Also, please look at your calendars.  Please schedule doctor’s appointments (physicals, eye doctors, immunizations, orthodontists, etc.) during June and July.  This helps your student out a great deal!


    1. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS: I know there are many questions when your student comes to High School.  With that in mind, I have attached a FAQs page that will answer many of your questions.  Please refer to that document because it will help you.  Thanks!


    1. NUTRITION: We will be outside marching for a number of hours each day.  IT WILL BE HOT!!!  We start conditioning ourselves by working outside early in the mornings and later in the afternoons.  HOWEVER—PLEASE MAKE YOUR STUDENTS DRINK WATER!!  I do not allow them to drink soft drinks or drinks with caffeine.  Caffeine dehydrates the body and we do not need to lose any more water than necessary!  Please help me to wean them off of caffeinated and carbonated drinks during marching season.


    Also, in regards to nutrition…EAT BREAKFAST.  Nothing big, heavy, or greasy.  You should eat a bowl of cereal or a bagel or waffles or pancakes or toast or something else easily digestible and NOT GREASY.  Also, drink juice in the morning…it’s good for you!!


    The Band Boosters provide Powerade/Gatorade at each rehearsal during the summer and after school!


    1. PHYSICALS: If you have not already had your physical done, please use the attached Physical form and get that done.  State law requires each member of the band to have this done before they can participate with us.  Thank you!!


    1. PAYMENTS: There are some costs associated with membership, but the Boosters and I have worked very hard to minimize these costs. Once purchased, there should be no further equipment/clothing purchases necessary throughout the student’s four years in the band program!  We will set up a link for payments and information and will send you the link once it is set up.


    Your students will need the following items and the will be delivered during the first few days of summer band:

    Under Armor™ Band T-shirt                                      $20

    Under Armor™ Band Red Collared Shirt                    $40

    Band Shoes                                                                  $40

    Band Shorts                                                                 $10

    Flip Folder                                                                   $10

    Lyre (some instruments)                                              $12

    BERP (Brass ONLY if they do not have one)             $19

    Breathing Tube                                                              $1

    Fair Share Fee                                                              $200


    If the student takes care of their equipment/clothing, you won’t need to repurchase these items each year!!


    The Fair Share Fee takes care of paying for your students’ Summer Band Sectional Staff, Masterclasses throughout the year, Gatorade during marching season, water in the stands, Band Banquet, scholarships, pizza, drinks and snacks at certain times throughout the year.  The Boosters make this money S-T-R-E-T-C-H very far for your students!


    A separate payment will be made to the Band Program (not the boosters) for:


    Cleaning fee (includes 3 cleanings per year)                 $30

    Instrument Usage Fee (School-owned instruments only $25 per semester or $40 per year (saving you $10).

    This too can be paid online and we will send the link once it is set up.


    1. WEEKLY REHEARSAL SCHEDULE: Once school starts, we will follow the rehearsal schedule below:

    Mondays                      3:15-5:15pm

    Tuesdays***                No rehearsal (Schedule ALL appointments and anything else on this day!)

    Wednesdays                 3:15-5:15pm

    Thursdays                    3:15-5:15pm

    Fridays             FOOTBALL GAMES!!  Sometimes games are on Thursdays or Saturdays (check the schedule!)


    ***NOTE:  On the week of September 3rd, we do not have school on Monday, (2 September, 2019) we WILL have rehearsal on Tuesday, 3 September 2019, from 3:15-5:15pm.***  This will be the only Tuesday for practice during the fall.


    ***FINAL NOTE:  Please keep in mind that although the district has given the week of 7 October-11 October off for the rest of the district, students who are in football, cheerleading, drill team and band must perform at the game.  With this in mind, we will have rehearsal on Wednesday, 9 October and Thursday, 10 October.  We are required to perform at the game on Friday, 11 October.


    1. YEARLY BAND CALENDAR: I have also attached the Yearly Calendar to help with planning for the entire school year.


    I know this is a lot of information.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email me at


    Thank you for allowing your student to become part of the best organization in Atascocita…The Atascocita Military Marching Band!  This is the beginning of an awesome experience!!


    I will be in touch over the next week to give detailed information on forms and payments!


    Have a great and safe summer!





    Good Afternoon Band Students and Parents!

    What a GREAT year for the Atascocita Military Marching Band!

    As we close the 2018-2019 school year, we wish our graduating Seniors Good Luck in all they do!

    Simultaneously, we get started for next year and we look toward the bright future for the 2019-2020 Band!

    Outgoing Seniors, please realize that this will be the last email you receive as we are “graduating” you out of the Charms system so we can move the current 8th Graders into 9th Grade.

    I have a few things:

    1. WEEKLY UPDATES: Over the summer, you will not receive weekly emails.  I will not bother you throughout the summer!  I will send out the link for online payments for supplies, etc. once we have that set up and then as we get closer to the start of Summer Band, I will send out some reminder emails.


    1. YEARLY CALENDAR: I have attached next year’s calendar to this email.  Please compare this schedule to your personal calendars for planning purposes.  Thanks!


    1. OCTOBER WEEK 10/7-10/11: As a reminder, the district chose to give most of the students a week off in October.  Unfortunately, the band, football team, cheerleaders and drill team are required to attend the game on Friday and we have UIL Marching Contest the very next week.  During that week, the band WILL rehearse on Wednesday, 10/9 and Thursday, 10/10 and will attend the game on Friday, 10/11.


    1. PHYSICALS: Remember, all students MUST have physicals on file before they can be allowed to participate.  Those MUST be turned in to the Band Hall.  During the summer, please do two things…scan and email the completed, signed physical form to my email…AND, please drop off the original at the front kiosk in an envelope with “Band Hall” and my name on the envelope.  Thanks!


    1. BAND HALL ACCESS: During the summer, between both Mr. Hicks’ and my off days, there will be limited access to the Band Hall after the second week of June.  It is always better to call or email before you make a trip up.  Also, please keep in mind that due to shortened weeks for the entire district (Mon-Thurs.) and vacation days, emails may not be responded to as quickly as during the school year.


    I think that’s all I have for now!


    I hope everyone has a GREAT summer!


    Have fun and stay safe!!