• Birthday books
    Birthday Books

    Here at Greentree we have a wonderful program to help build our library collection. You can donate a library bound book to the library in honor of your child's birthday. We place a special book plate in the front of the book and a birthday candle on the spine. You child's book is presented to them at school. If you would like to participate please use the link below submit payment of $15. We keep a cart of books here in the library for you or your child to select a book to donate.

    Books from the Heart
    We also have a form to donate a book in Memory of someone special or if you would like to Honor a special person. We have book plates to place in these books too. We ask for a $15.00 donation. Please email Mrs. Rydell an address so we can notify the person or family about the donation.

    Books may be paid for online!