USTA Sanctioned Tournaments-Must be USTA member to play-Junior membership is about $20 annually.
    Non-Sanctioned Tournaments-Any player can play. These types of tournaments usually smaller and played locally.
    Challenger Tournament-Any junior can play in their age group. This is where most of the juniors in Texas start. If the player win this tournament, he/she will qualify for CHAMP level. OR best four tournaments results that add up to 65 points to move up to CHAMP.
    CHAMP - Winner of Challener can play in champ tournaments OR Superchamps that are age up that are not in top 25% in super ranking.
    SUPERCHAMP - Winner of CHAMP can play in superchamp tournaments OR best three champ tournaments results add up to 80 points in a 12 months rolling period. This is the highest level in Texas and you play tournaments to get points for ranking
    For more information about USTA TOURNAMENTS go to www.texas.usta.com and look under Junior section
    Go to youthtennistexas.com  Unless you have qualified for a higher level, click on Challenger 12-18 and search for upcoming tournaments in the Houston area. If you run into confusion after this, feel free to contact me for help.