• 1st 9 Week Plan (2019-2020)

    Unit 1: Introduction to Physical Geography (8/12-8/27)

    Unit 1 Test                                                                                 8/27


    Subjects to be covered in Unit 1:

    Region Types

    Geographic Information Systems, Global Positioning System, & Google Earth

    Parts of a Map

    Map Types & Projections

    Absolute and Relative Location

    Latitude & Longitude

    Map Bias

    Elements of Geography

    Basic World Locations of continents, oceans, & large rivers


    Unit 2 & 3: Forces that Change the Earth’s Surface, Climate, & Biomes (8/28-9/12)

    Unit 2 Test                                                                                 9/11 & 9/12


    Subjects to be covered in Unit 2 & 3:

    Physical Land & Water Features

    Parts of a River

    External Forces that change the Earth’s surface

    Internal Forces that change the Earth’s Surface

    Plate Tectonics

    Layers of the Earth

    Spheres of the Earth

    Water Cycle

    Soil Building

    World Climate Zones

    World Biomes (natural vegetation areas)

    Orographic (Rain Shadow) Effect

    Earth Essentials/Earth-Sun Relationship



    El Nino/La Nina


    Unit 4: Population, Culture, Politics, & Economics (9/11-10/03)

    Unit 4 Test                                                                                 10/02 & 10/03


    Subjects to be covered in Unit 4:

    Population Information

    Push/Pull Factors for migration and settlement of urban areas

    Population Pyramids

    Demographic Transition Model

    Human Development Index

    Sustainable/Unsustainable Development

    Developing/Developed Countries

    Economic Activity Levels (Tertiary, Primary, Quaternary, Secondary)

    Elements of Culture (Language, social groups, religion, government, and social groups)

    Culture Hearths

    Cultural Diffusion, Convergence, & Divergence

    Government Systems (Unitary & Federal)

    Government Levels (Federal, State or Provincial, & Local)

    Government Types (Monarchies, Democracies, Totalitarian, Autocracy, Oligarchy, Theocracy, Republic, Confederation)

    Economics Types (Traditional, Command, and Market)

    Economic Styles (Capitalism, Free Market, Communism, Socialism, Feudalism)

    Ethnic Groups and Language Families


    Urbanization/Urban Geography