• 2nd 9 Week Plan (2019-2020)

    Unit 5: U. S. & Canada (10/2-10/24)

    Unit 5 Test                                                                                                10/23 & 10/24


    List of Topics to be covered:

    -North American Physical Geography & Climate

    -Barriers to 18th & 19th centuries settlement in North America

    -Demographics of North America

    -Population density of North America

    -Location of Canadian population

    -Fastest growing areas of the United States

    -Migration issues in the United States

    -Why did Europeans first come to North America?

    -Importance of the Declaration of Independence and US Constitution including the Bill of Rights

    -Compare the economic, government, social systems of Canada and the US

    -Why both countries have a history of multiculturalism

    -Arts of North America (famous painters, architects, writers)

    -Industry and Agriculture in North America

    -Changes in manufacturing in North America (retooling)

    -Communication and transportation systems

    -NAFTA and trade

    -Environmental issues (acid rain, smog, nuclear waste, water pollution)

    -Response to September 11th, 2001


    Unit 6: Latin America (10/23-11/14)

    Unit 6 Test                                                                                               11/13 & 11/14


    List of Topics to be covered:

    -Physical geographic problems facing settlers in Latin America

    -Vertical climate zones

    -Primate cities

    -Overcrowding of megacities

    -Indigenous Latin American Empires

    -Blending of cultures & religions (syncretism)

    -Latin American History

    -Issues faced under European rule and after gaining independence

    -Art styles of Latin America

    -Deforestation and the importance of the Amazon Rainforest

    -Slash & Burn farming

    -Latifundias and Minifundias

    -Panama Canal

    -Use of alternative energies in Latin America

    -Benefits and problems with foreign investment in Latina American countries (maquiladoras)

    -Culture of Latin Americans and problems that arise from the devotion to those aspects of culture



    Unit 7a: Northwestern Europe (11/13-12/12)

    Unit 7a Test                                                                               12/11 & 12/12


    List of Topics to be covered:

    -Modification of the physical environment in The Netherlands

    -Icelandic Physical Geography

    -Physical Land & Water Features

    -Natural Resources

    -Climate (Effects of the Alps, Winds, and North Atlantic Drift)

    -Population Distribution & Demographics


    -Religions and the continuing effects of the Protestant Reformation in Ireland

    -European History (Greeks, Romans, Christianity, Middle Ages & Feudalism, Muslim Invasion, Crusades, Renaissance, Reformation, Age of Exploration, Enlightenment, French Revolution, Industrial Revolution, Industrial Capitalism, Communism, WW1, WW2, The Holocaust, European Union-Maarstricht Treaty)

    -Arts Styles (Realism, Impressionism, Romanticism)

    -The Olympic Games

    -The movement of European countries to light industry away from heavy industry

    -Mixed farming & organic farming

    -Transportation Systems (high speed trains)

    -Importance of the Northern European Plain (cities, industry, and farming)

    -Acid Deposition Pollution (Black Forrest & Historical Buildings)

    -Environmental Movements of Europe



    1st Semester Fall Exam Review                                                            12/11-12/17

    Final Exam Review due                                                                          On day of Final Exam or last day in class

    1st Semester Fall Final Exam                                                                12/18, 19, & 20