• 4th 9 Week Plan (2019-2020)

    Unit 10: South Asia (3/16-4/2)

    Unit 10 Test                                                                               4/1 & 2



    -Process that created the Himalayan Mountains

    -Effects of seasonal monsoons on climate and people lives

    -Important river valleys of South Asia

    -South Asian History

    -Scientific & cultural advances of the Aryans

    -Hinduism & Buddhism

    -Indian Caste System

    -Plight of India’s Dalit (Untouchables)


    -Government Systems of India and Pakistan

    -Modern day conflicts between India and Pakistan (nuclear weapons)

    -Sri Lanka & India conflict

    -Arts and entertainment in India

    -Challenges faced by India’s wildlife, forests, and water sources

    -India’s Green Revolution

    -Biomass as an energy source

    -Cottage Industry



    -Heavy industry and the pollution it causes


    Unit 11: East Asia (4/1-4/30)

    Unit 11 Test                                                                               4/29 & 4/30


    -The archipelagos of East Asia

    -Dangers of living in the Pacific Ring of Fire

    -Countermeasures East Asians have taken to be able to live successfully in the Ring of Fire

    -The river systems of East Asia

    -China’s Yellow River acting as a blessing and a curse

    -China’s Three Gorges Dam and the resettlement of population living near the river

    -East Asian monsoon season

    -Ocean currents and how those currents affect Japan

    -History of natural disasters in this region (Tsunami in Japan & Earthquakes)

    -East Asian arts including feng shui, Japanese haiku, calligraphy, geisha, Japanese Kabuki, Chinese acrobats

    -China’s Cultural Revolution and its effects on Chinese traditions

    -The effects of The Great Leap Forward on Chinese agriculture and the state of Chinese agriculture today

    -Hong Kong & Macau returning to Chinese control

    -The divergent paths of modern North & South Korea

    -Differences between East Asian languages and English

    -East Asian religions (Buddhism, Shintoism, Daoism)

    -China’s population control

    -China’s human right abuses

    -North Korea human rights abuses

    -Japan’s reconstruction as a major world trading partner after WW2

    -China’s economic revolution from total command economic policies to increase market principles

    -World Trade and East Asia

    -The need of alternate energy sources needed in East Asia because of the growing population and industrial base

    -Environmental concerns of China

    -Environmental policies of Japan



    Unit 12: Southeast Asia, the Pacific Islands, & Australia (4/29-5/21)

    Unit 12 Test                                                                               5/20 & 21



    -The archipelagos SE Asia

    -Geographic conditions that hamper settlement, travel, and transportation throughout SE Asia

    -Dangers of living in the Pacific Ring of Fire

    -Countermeasures southeast Asians have taken to be able to live successfully in the Ring of Fire

    -The river systems of SE Asia

    -Human settlement issues of Singapore

    -History of natural disasters in this region (Tsunami in Indonesia, Earthquakes, Krakatoa volcano)

    -The natural resources of SE Asia

    -SE Asia History including Southeast Asian dynasties, and Vietnam Wars, the Tiananmen Square Event

    -Indian, Chinese, and Islamic influences in arts & religion in SE Asia

    -The move of SE Asians to urban areas

    -Differences between SE Asian languages and English

    -Industrialization in Southeast Asia because of Western investment

    -Purpose of ASEAN in Southeast Asia

    -Oceania Physical Geography & Climate

    -Three sets of islands in Oceania

    -Role of the United States in regards to Pacific Islands of Oceania

    -Great Barrier Reef

    -Animals only found in Oceania

    -Location of Australian Cities

    -Geographical problems faced by people in Oceania

    -International laws pertaining to Antarctica

    -History of Oceania

    -Reasons for settlement of Australia


    -Why Subsistence Farming practiced in Oceania

    -Culture of Oceania including religions, reasons for migration to urban areas, economic difficulties faced by islanders including weakening of traditional cultures.

    -Differences in culture between city dwellers and country dwellers in Oceania

    -Economics of Ocean including difficulty in trade, challenges with travel and communications

    -Farming and ranching in Oceania

    -Sports played in Oceania


    Final Exam (5/27-5/29)

    2nd Semester Fall Exam Review                                            5/20-5/26

    Final Exam Review due                                                            On day of Final Exam or last day in class

    2nd Final Exam                                                                           5/27, 5/28, & 5/29