World Geography 2018-2019

    Coach Barger



    School Phone Number:  281-641-7128                         Test Make-Ups & ReTest:  Lunches MON & TUES.; THURS. morning.

    Email address: robert.barger@humbleisd.net                Tutoring TimesA-Block of lunches on Mondays & Tuesdays

    Website: http://www.humbleisd.net//domain/3489           Remind codes: text @bargergeo or @bargergeog to 81010


    Course Description:  World Geography provides students the opportunity to study the interactions of people and their physical environments in the major areas of the world.  Content introduces the students to the world of geographers, their unique vocabulary, tools and methodologies.  Students acquire an understanding of the physical setting of the earth, locate and study different landforms and regions of the world, and learn how people and geography impact each other.  Content offers students the opportunity to put into practice the geographical concepts and skills through critical thinking and applications about the world.  It builds upon what the students have accumulated throughout the social studies program beginning in elementary grade in the Texas and United States history courses. 


    Materials needed:

    1. Pens & Pencils
    2. Notebook (optional)
    3. Map Pencils, Markers, or Crayons (optional)
    4. 3"x5" note cards (optional)

    Grading Policy:

    1. Test (summative) Grades are 60% of your average.
    2. Daily (formative) Grades are 40% of your average.  


    Students will be given 5 scheduled quizzes per unit. These quizzes will align specifically with an assignment the students are given over that unit. The quiz will be 10 questions worth 50 points of a daily work grade, The remaining 50 points will be made up from the corresponding assignment. The students will turn in the corresponding assignment with the quiz on the quiz date.


    Example: Students are assigned a map over East Asia on Monday. The quiz over that map is on Wednesday. We will use class time to work on that map assignment on Monday & Tuesday. This allows students time to work on the map for homework if needed. First thing on Wednesday, we will take the map quiz. Once the quiz is completed, the students will turn in the quiz answer sheet and their map assignment. The quiz is worth 50% of the daily work grade and the map assignment is worth the other half of the daily work grade.


    Furthermore, students will be allowed to make one 3"x5’" index card with any information from the corresponding assignment to be used as a quiz aide during the quiz. Students will have to evaluate what information they think is relevant from the assignment. Also, these index cards will be turned in for 1 bonus point on that unit’s test. Since there will be 5 quizzes each unit, the student has the ability to earn up to 5 bonus points for each test. Please note that index cards for test bonus points are only accepted if the card was previously turned in to be used on a quiz.



    I have a classroom set of textbooks.  Your student will access the online textbook through my website with their HISD Login.


    Late Assignments: 

    Late assignments will be accepted and administered in accordance with the guidelines set by the campus (1 day = minus 20%; 2 days = minus 40%; 3 days = minus 60%; 4 days = minus 80%; 5 days = not accepted).  If an assignment is not turned in on the due date, it will be assessed as a late grade.  If a student is absent due to illness, the assignment is due the next day they return to school and will not receive any point deductions.  Please note that a student’s assignment that is late will still be graded for accuracy with the late point deduction.  Example: The student turns in an assignment one day late. The assignment is graded for accuracy and is scored as an 83.  Then, the 20 points is deducted for the late penalty making the grade a 63.


    Make-up tests:

    Arrangements must be made with the teacher to make up a missed test during the lunch period.  Make-up tests/quizzes will not be administered during class time. They will only be given in my room (2111) during lunch on Mondays and Tuesdays and on Thursday mornings.  Students will have TWO calendar weeks to make up their missed test upon their arrival back at school. Students will be given the grade of “0” if they do not make up their missed test within the two week period.

    Reassessments of failed tests:

    Once a 9 week grading period, a failed test is eligible for reassessment for no more than a grade of 70.  Reassessments will not be administered during class time.  Reassessments will only be given in my room (2111) during lunch on Mondays and Tuesdays and on Thursday mornings.  Arrangements must be made with the teacher by the student or the student’s parents to reassess the test. Students will have ONE calendar week from the time they are notified of their test score to reassess.    Students will be given their original test grade until the reassessment is completed.  If the student does not complete the reassessment before the week long period, the student will keep their original test grade.  If the student score lower on the reassessment than the original failed test, they will keep the higher grade.



    Tutoring is during the A – Block of the lunch period in my classroom on Mondays & Tuesdays. 


    E-mails and communication:

    I e-mail parents of students whom fail to turn in assignments, fail tests, or miss tests.  I use the provided e-mail address for the parents/guardians provided to the teachers.  If you want to make sure that I have the proper e-mail address for your family, please send an e-mail to my address (robert.barger@humbleisd.net).  Please include your student’s name in the e-mail.


    I also utilize the website Remind (previously known as Remind 101) as a notification system for the students of upcoming assignment due dates and tests.  The Remind websites allows me to blind contact groups of students.  It cannot be used to contact your student directly.  I will be notifying all parents through e-mail or at the KHS Open House of how to sign up for this service.


    The Remind signup procedure for 1st & 3rd periods is:


    Text @bargergeo to number 81010 to receive messages via your cell phone or send a blank e-mail to bargergeo@mail.remind.com to receive message via e-mail.


    The Remind signup procedure for 2nd, 4th, & 6th periods is:


    Text @bargergeog  to number 81010 to receive messages via your cell phone or send a blank e-mail to bargergeog@mail.remind.com to receive message via e-mail.




    Course Outline:


    1st 9 Weeks                               Unit 1: Introduction to Geography

                                                    Units 2 & 3: Forces of Change, Climate, & Biomes

                                                    Unit 4: Population, Culture, Politics, and Economics


    2nd 9 Weeks                              Unit 5: U. S. & Canada

                                                    Unit 6: Latin America & the Caribbean

                                                    Unit 7a: Western, Northern, & Southern Europe


    3rd 9 Weeks                              Unit 7b: Eastern Europe & Russia

                                                    Unit 8: Africa South of the Sahara

                                                    Unit 9: Southwest Asia, North Africa, & Central Asia


    4th 9 Weeks                               Unit 10: South Asia

                                                    Unit 11: East Asia

                                                    Unit 12: Southeast Asia, Australia, & Oceania