• Hi! Welcome to my class page and an amazing year of literature and philosophy. Hopefully the following information will help you get to know me a bit better as we embark upon an exciting and illuminating journey.
    As you know, my name is Amber Beard. I'm married to the guy in the picture on my "Welcome" page. He's pretty awesome, even if he is a banker. :) We've been married 11  years and are parents to two little girls, Reagan Joyce (9 years), and Harper Emerson (4 years). I love my girls and will talk about them often. Reagan was named after my husband's favorite political mind, Ronald Reagan, and her middle name is in honor of my grandmother (not author James Joyce)  Harper, as you may have guessed, is named after Harper Lee, author of the greatest American novel I've ever read--To Kill a Mockingbird. Her middle names honors another American writer, poet Ralph Waldo Emerson (though I honestly chose it because it's beauty). This year marks my 17th in education (you'll be surprised at how young I appear--ha!), and despite how hard this job can sometimes be, I truly love to teach, and I love to teach literature. I hold both a B.A. and an M.A. in English, as well as being certified in ELA (8-12) by the State of Texas.
    Most of my years in education (15, specifically) have been spent teaching AP/Pre-AP/Dual credit courses. I truly believe that reading and writing are the most important tools one can have at his or her disposal; but more importantly, I believe that we must know how to critically think and engage in the world around us. That is what my courses are about. I hope you'll enter with an open mind and heart and be willing to consider a story from its many perspectives; I look forward to hearing you share your thoughts and ideas as we grow together on this journey.
    Here are some core values/class norms that are near and dear to my heart. I expect them of you, and you should expect them of me.
    1.) Be prepared. There's nothing worse than wasting someone's time.
    2.) Take ownership. If you fail to accomplish a task, consider what you can do differently to avoid that result in the future.
    3.) Demonstrate respect for all ideas, even those that go against your personal belief system.
    4.) Show respect, appreciation, and compassion. We are all going to work hard this year....we must support one another throughout this process.
    5.) Get involved! Become comfortable with the sound of your own voice--I expect to hear from you.
    We'll discsuss more expectations at the beginning of the year, but these are the most imporant and certainly encompass all other expectations.
    Always know you can contact me if you have questions or concerns. I am here to help you succeed. It is my passion and my priority.
    Kind regards,
    Amber Beard