History of IB in Humble ISD

  • Led by Superintendent Dr. Guy Sconzo and continued by Mrs. Donna Ullrich , educators and members of the Humble community began to look for a way to challenge the district's high school students who were looking for alternatives to an AP/Honors Program. The International Baccalaureate Program was determined to be an option worth considering. In 2005, the School Board approved the IB concept and selected Humble High School as the site to offer the magnet program to the students of Humble ISD. With support from then Assistant Superintendent Dr. Cecilia Hawkins, the HHS administration and then IB Coordinator Elisabeth Baron, Humble High School was fully authorized to offer the prestigious IB Diploma in 2007.  The first class of 9th grade Pre-IB students entered the program in August 2005 and HHS graduated its charter class in May 2009.

    In Humble ISD, IB is offered as a school-within-a school model, on the campus of Humble High School. International Baccalaureate students enjoy a dramatically enriched learning environment with an international core curriculum and increased academic and extra-curricular expectations. Each year (January), applications are submitted to and accepted from interested 8th/9th grade students zoned to Humble High School seeking early admission into IB; 10th graders form across the district complete applications for general admission. The pool of applicants come from all of our middle schools and high schools, as well as various private/parochial schools in the area. Student achievement tests, middle school academic records and student essays provide a measuring stick for acceptance (see attachment). In 2014, we began allowing students who chose not to take the full IB Diploma Program to select up to four IB classes.  The result is that we have steadily grown to have over 140 students each year take at least one IB class.