• School Wide Expectations
    I am KIND
    I am SAFE
    Science Lab Expectations

    I will come to the Science Lab with my Science Journal
    and a sharpened pencil in hand, ready to explore the world around me. 
    I will correctly use my 5 senses and tools provided in the lab
    to participate in the experiment for the day. 
    I will listen carefully for and follow SAFETY EXPECTATIONS.

    I will participate in and give ideas to help create a PROCESS
    that will help explain and record the activities I do in lab today. 
    The different processes I can use include... 
    creating an experimental design or 
    using the scientific method to help with the flow of my experiment, 
    using models, 
    using measurement,
    using tools to help collect data, 
    drawing and recording my information. 

    I will take time at the end of class
    to reflect on what I have learned
    and how it connects to my personal world
    and the big world around me. 
    measuring mass  triple beam balance  butterfly plants separating mixtures
Last Modified on December 15, 2014