• What to do if my student is absent


    Call 281-641-7503 -  or  -  281-641-7543 


    Please call in anytime your student is absent. If you know they will be absent for several days, you do not have to call each day.

     When leaving a message on voice mail, please:


    1. Speak clearly and slowly
    2. Please state and spell student’s first and last name and grade
    3. Leave your name and a phone number where you can be reached. Repeating the number is helpful especially if using a bluetooth or speaker connection.
    4. State the reason for absence. If student is sick, please give brief description of symptoms as these must be reported to the nurse.


    Reminder: Please turn in any note, send email or call within 48 hours (Two School Days). If you call your student's absence in, you do not need to send in a follow-up parent note. However please turn in ALL doctor, court, college notes as this does effect the coding of the absence.


    Please review the 2019-20 HISD Parent/Student Handbook concerning attendance policies.