In order to participate in Athletics, students must have a 2021-22 Physical on file with the WMS/SCHS athletic department and have all of the required forms for HUMBLE ISD Athletics completed digitally via Rank One. Rank One digital paperwork can be completed via any smartphone or home computer.  Physicals completed during summer break may be turned in at the HUMBLE ISD Athletic OFFICES or brought to Coach Armstrong on the first day of school. 
    Volleyball evaluations and tryouts for 7th and 8th grade athletes will be August 20th, 23rd, & 24th, 2021
    7th grade athletes will begin tryouts before school at 7:00 a.m. and continue through 1st period athletics.  The locker room doors will open at 6:45 a.m.  You may drop your athlete off at the gate by the portable buildings.  Please do not drive to the back or park at the gate and wait, as this will bring traffic to a halt. We want to keep traffic moving as smoothly as possible.
    8th grade athletes will try out during 7th period athletics and continue after school until 5:15 p.m.   You may pick your athlete up from the bus ramp in front of the cafeteria by 5:45pm. Do not park on the bus ramp. If your athlete is not waiting on the bus ramp, park in the staff parking lot until they arrive. 
    Does my child need a physical?
    All athletes must be registered and have a complete and valid physical dated after February 1, 2021 in order to participate in athletics and try out for any team. THE PHYSICAL MUST BE ON AN HUMBLE ISD FORM, HAVE A PHYSICIANS STAMP, BE SIGNED, & DATED IN ORDER TO BE VALID.

    What Paperwork needs to be completed?
    All Humble ISD paperwork MUST be completed digitally prior to tryouts and any participation in athletics. Please go to Http://tiny.cc/humblesport to complete the necessary paperwork. Further instructions can be found HERE.
    What does my child need to wear?
    Athletes will try out in their WMS Athletic uniform.  ATHLETIC shoes must be worn for athletics. Masks may be worn but are not mandatory. You will also need to bring your own personal water bottle. NO JEWELRY and hair should be a natural color. 
    What if I am not able to purchase a uniform?
    Uniforms will be sold ($20) via online payments only. If we sell out of their size, they must have appropriate athletic clothes and shoes to try out in. (school appropriate t-shirt and shorts) It is in their best interest to arrive in appropriate try out attire and bring school clothes to change in to once try outs have been concluded for the day.

    Does my child need knee pads?
    Knee pads are optional for try outs.  We will not provide them for try outs.  However, if your child makes the team, we will issue knee pads to be worn during the season for those that need it.
    Can I purchase knee pads for my child?
    If your child makes the team and you would like for them to have their own knee pads, you are more than welcome to purchase your own.  We require black knee pads with our uniforms.
    How will my child find out if she makes the team?
    Student ID numbers will be posted online on the last day of try outs for those who have made the team. 
    When will practices begin if my child makes the team?
    Practice will begin Wednesday August 25.  8th grade will begin practice during 7th period and continue after school.  7th grade practice will begin at 7:00 a.m. 
    Will there be a parent meeting if my child makes the team?
    There will be a MANDATORY Volleyball TEAM AND PARENT WEBINAR TUESDAY August 24, 2021 at 5:30 pm via Zoom.  We ask that athlete and parent both attend.
    What happens if my child does not make the team?
    Athletes who do not make the volleyball team will stay in athletics and work out in the off season program training for the next season.7th grade off season athletes will come to school at the scheduled start time for the WMS bell schedule on their designated day.  8th grade off season athletes will train during 7th period and be dismissed at the end of the class period.
    ***If you have any questions, please contact Girls' Athletic Coordinator Kimberly Armstrong 281-641-5309