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    Contact Info
    Brad Quindt
    Career and Technology
    Room 4706


    AP Computer Science Principles
    Computer Programming 1
    Computer Programming 2
    Video Game Design
    IT Practicum

    Tutoring will be Wednesday's A block lunch or by apointment.

    Class Schedule
    1st - Varsity Swimming
    2nd - Conference
    3rd - AP Computer Science Principles
    4th - Computer Programming 1/Computer Programming 2/IT Practicum
    5th - Video Game Design/Computer Programming 2/IT Practicum
    6th - Computer Programming 1/Computer Programming 2
    7th - JV Swimming


    One Lunch Schedule
    Mon - Lunch/Lunch Detention
    Tue -  UIL Computer Science/Lunch
    Wed - Tutoring/Lunch
    Thu -  Tutoring (or CS Honor Society)/Lunch
    Fri -   Girls Who Code/Lunch

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    Last update: May 10, 2020