Philosophy & Purpose

  • Athletics exists as an integral part of the educational process and, as such, it is the responsibility of school authorities to provide students with activities that promote the development of good citizenship, respect for rules and authority, opportunities for physical excellence, and an understanding of the value of cooperation and competition through practice and interscholastic games. 

    The primary purpose of all athletics is the wholesome development of the student athlete.

    Policies, objectives and activities shall be governed by this student-centered philosophy. Students will be encouraged to participate in athletics and every effort will be made to identify the sport or sports for which they are best suited, thus providing the best opportunity for their success. 

    Student Athletic Mission Statement 

    Our mission is to take the student-athlete where he/she cannot take themselves. We will foster an environment which teaches young men and women the steps necessary to reach their goals. Through example, the students will learn to appreciate and embrace cultural diversity, and an exemplary foundation of leadership. Our mission is based on the values Humble High School held in the highest regard. 

    We believe in honesty, integrity, strength in character, love and confidence. 

    We embrace a commitment to excellence, loyalty, selflessness, trust and humility. 

    We teach overcoming adversity, establishing priorities, goal setting, and the value of SERVICE.