• Due to a technology issue, I was unable to send an email to the incoming 9th graders so I'm placing the information here.



    Good afternoon,

    As challenging as this school year is going to be, Mr. Horton and I are excited to get started.  We miss everyone!  We are aware that some of you have elected to continue the year online instead of on campus.  We understand and realize that every family has unique situations that are part of that decision.  We do want to address some of the concerns that some of you may have about online learning as well as in class learning.  We may not be able to answer all questions yet, but we want to reassure parents and students that we are taking every precaution and that we want to continue to provide a quality learning experience despite the challenges.

    First of all, whether students are learning online or in the classroom, we want all students to be learning the same music.  We want to provide safe performance opportunities as well.  Options include virtual performances, staggered concerts (limited students/audience in the space at one time), outdoor concerts, etc.  We want to continue providing experiences and teaching which focus on building students’ skills and knowledge as singers and overall musicians, such as building vocal technique and music reading.  We know that collaboration is a big component of choral music.  It is important to us to integrate collaboration opportunities throughout the year.  Because we may have limited contact for collaboration, we will most likely use technology in different ways so that students can continue to collaborate. 

    As always, building an emotionally safe and welcoming community within the choir and a space where students respect one another and appreciate one another’s contributions is a priority for us.  We will continue to seek ways to build in social opportunities and provide a framework for students to interact with each other in a positive, encouraging and fun way.  

    We have chosen to see this year as a “growth opportunity.”  We will lead with this mindset and will push students to take responsibility for their own learning. We also want to encourage students to have a growth mindset and encourage them to continue to be risk takers.  Whether online or in the classroom, we will expect students to practice at home and submit recordings of themselves regularly for our feedback.  With growth mindset in mind, we already have several opportunities available for students as we begin the year:


    The All-State Choir Audition Process

    In high school, the TMEA Region Choir audition process is virtually the same as middle school.  However, in high school the Region Choir process is a part of the All-State Choir Audition process.  There are 4 audition rounds to determine All-State students.  The first 2 of those rounds determine the Region Choir students.  Due to COVID-19, TMEA has decided that all rounds of auditions will be virtual.  They have not yet announced the exact process but it will come by the end of August.  In the past, the last 2 rounds of auditions have included a sightreading round.  This year there will be no sightreading round.  Also, in the past each region has determined the music that would be auditioned in the first 2 rounds (from the All-State Music packet).  However, this year, the state has designated which pieces will be sung at every round.  Due to these changes, we encourage every student to audition!  This is a great opportunity, especially for those who get nervous in the traditional audition process.  

    Please click the link above to access more information about auditions, remaining summer camps, and how to get music.  Practice recordings are now available using the link below.  

    Register for the Humble ISD Virtual Choir Camp (1st Round of All-State Music)

    • Saturday, August 22
    • 8:30 AM - 12:30 PM
    • Free
    • Required for all Chorale and Cantabile students.  Recommended for all.


    Google Drive Link to Practice Recordings - This link will also be posted in Charms News. The School Code for Charms is SummerCreekHSChoir. (Due to copyright issues, I can’t post this material on the website.  Once school starts and everyone is in Google Classroom, I will post the recordings there for easy access.)  Please sign up for Remind (Details can be found on the Choir Placement Post).  I will also send the link out again using Remind 101 this weekend.

    Virtual Leadership Training

    • Thursday, August 6 
    • 1 - 4 PM

    TCDA (Texas Choral Directors Association) is hosting their annual Student Leadership Workshop online this year.  I have already registered our campus. We have an unlimited number of students who can join. Click on the link for more information about the workshop.  Once I get the information to sign in, I will email it to you.  Students, there is no need to do anything at this time other than to mark it on your schedule.

    This event is required for all Chorale and Cantabile students.  Recommended for all.

    Parents - We need YOU! 

    We have a great booster club!  For years, they have supported our students in such an amazing way.  We will continue to need your support through this challenging time.  Because of COVID-19 shutting down schools in the Spring, we were unable to fill all our Booster Club Officer positions.  The Booster Club Officers usually meet once every two months.  Please contact Amanda Robison or Edward Porras at edwardporras@yahoo.com if you are interested in helping or have additional questions. 

    Current Officers: Edward Porras, President & Valencia Goff, Treasurer

    In need of: Vice-President & Secretary.

    Safety Protocols for In-Classroom Learning

    We would now like to address safety protocols for in classroom learning.  I know that the school will be making some additional decisions in regards to class changes, lunch, etc.  We will only be addressing protocols within our classroom.  Of course, these are subject to change depending on the latest findings and recommendations.  We’re also attaching links below for further information on the subject of singing and COVID-19.

    Based on the most current studies, we will be using the following protocols:

    • Students will be expected to wear masks and face shields. (The district is working on the purchasing of face shields for each student that will be labeled and stored with the student’s music.)
    • We will not use standing risers.  We will have chairs set up in straight rows, 6 feet apart.
    • We will limit the amount of singing to 30 minutes per class.
    • We will focus on vowels and tone production and limit consonant production in class, specifically consonants which produce a lot of air droplets (shields will help with this as well).  
    • We will take advantage of humming, audiation, and other methods of building skills to limit aerosols.
    • We will expect students to practice at home the things that we are limiting in the classroom as described above.
    • The Fine Arts Administrators are requesting HEPA filters (if not already provided) for the HVAC.
    • The practice rooms will be limited to 1 or 2 students and with limited availability.
    • Students will enter through the Choir room double doors and exit through the door that leads to the outside.  This will provide fresh air for students as they leave the room and allow for one-way traffic.


    We know that there is a lot of uncertainty about the school year.  We are determined that despite the challenges, we will work together with students, parents, and administrators to make sure that students have an exceptional year, especially in Choir.  :-)  There will be more decisions to make as we move ahead.  It can be overwhelming at times, but we will continue to meet the challenges as needed.  None of us are alone in this.  I will continue to pray for our students and their families as we meet the challenges ahead.  Thank you for your patience and understanding.  Feel free to email me with any questions or concerns.


    Studies and Recommendations:

    Singing in choirs and making music with wind instruments ‒ Is that safe during the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic?

    Christian J. Kähler (Prof. Dr.) and Rainer Hain (Dr.)

    Institute of Fluid Mechanics and Aerodynamics, University of the Bundeswehr Munich, Werner-Heisenberg-Weg 39, 85577 Neubiberg, Germany, christian.kaehler@unibw.de

    Youtube version

    Performing Arts Aerosol Study - Round one preliminary results

    International Coalition Performing Arts Aerosol Study James Weaver (NFHS) and Mark Spede (CBDNA), Chairs Shelly Miller, University of Colorado Boulder and Jelena Srebric, University of Maryland, Lead Scientists

    Condensed Version


    Arts Education is Essential

    Music Helps Us Believe in Ourselves

    Music Education Changes Lives




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  • During the 4th 9 weeks, the SCHS Choir students were taught this song in chunks using teaching videos each week and demo tracks that Mr. Horton and I created.  These are the students who learned the song and submitted their videos in a timely manner.  I'm very proud of them.  We couldn't have a real performance, and most of these students didn't really need to turn anything in because their grades were so great for the 9 weeks.  They did it because they believe in the message of the song and for the love of music. They were working on this song throughout April, during the height of the COVID-19 scare, when we all banded together and social distanced as a united cause.  Remember that context as you listen.  Powerful words! 

    I need to give a great amount of credit to Mr. Horton who edited everything (audio and video).  This song was extra tricky for this setting because the accompaniment doesn't provide a clear beat at the beginning so it took a lot of work to line up everyone's singing.  Mr. Horton (having never done anything like this before) took the challenge head on.  Great job Mr. Horton! 



    The SCHS Choir presents "You Will Be Found"

    May 2019

    Soloists: Sheryn Antony c/o 20 and Brissa Aranda c/o 22




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  • With a new school year, a new decade, and an additional director, it's time to step it up a notch. 

    Unveling our new Logo.........

    You will begin to see this logo on social media, letterhead, etc.  Our choir polos will not change.  In the fall, students and parents will be able to purchase yard signs and window decals! More info to come....


    SCHS Choir



    Renaming some Choirs and introducing a new Choir:

    SCHS Treble Choir (7th period, brand new choir)- a women's choir designed for beginning Choir students, freshman and upper classmen) who are still learning to read music and building their sightreading skills.  This is a non-auditioned choir; however students may need to sing for the director for voice placement purposes only.  The only prerequisites are passing grades, a great attitude, and a love for singing. 

    Bella Vox ("beautiful voice") - (5th period, formerly Women's Chamber Choir) an elite freshman women's choir. Students are rated by their middle school choir teacher on the following criteria: vocal ability, work ethic, sightreading ability, musicianship, growth mindset, works well in a team, and positive attitude. The final decision for placement is made by the SCHS Choir Directors. 

    Vox Fortis ("strong voices") - (2nd period, formerly Men's Chamber Choir) a men's choir for freshman and upperclassmen. This is a non-auditioned choir; however students may need to sing for the director for voice placement purposes only.  The only prerequisites are passing grades, a great attitude, and a love for singing. 

    Cantabile (6th period) - (no change) A highly competitive non-varsity treble choir open to students in grades 10–12. This is an auditioned choir whose prerequisites are passing grades, a great attitude, and a love for singing.  Students are also expected to have an intermediate skill level in both singing technique and sight-reading ability.

    Chorale (3rd period) - (no change) A varsity mixed choir open to students in grades 10–12. This is an auditioned choir whose prerequisites are passing grades, great attitude, and a love for singing.  Students are also expected to have a higher skill level in both singing technique and sight-reading ability.

    Colla Voce (4th period) - (no change) A specialty, smaller mixed choir that sings a variety of music, including jazz, Broadway, pop, and madrigal styles. This is an auditioned choir whose prerequisites include stage presence, sight-reading ability, strong vocal ability, passing grades, a great attitude, and a high degree of responsibility.  This group requires much time and dedication from its members.

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