• D.Frederickson  
    Dakota Frederickson is thrilled to continue her career at Woodcreek MS as the theatre director! Dakota loves to work with kids of all ages and teaching theater arts to the next generation is a true passion. She has been involved with theatre for over 14 years- that is acting and behind the scenes! She is a graduate of TAMUCC with a BA in Theatre Arts! Along with teaching at WMS, Dakota is continuing to be involved with community theatre across the greater Houston Area. She couldn’t be more psyched to continue to get to know and to work with and learn from the great people, families, and students of WMS! 

    Mark Broadway

    As Mark Broadway begins his second year as the Woodcreek MS shop teacher he is excited to further his relationship with the drama department in the role of assistant director. Last year Mr. Broadway had his students construct various props for Ms. Frederickson’s program and was able to offer some constructive input throughout the year. As an avid lover of the theater and participant in high school, Mr. Broadway feels fortunate to have the opportunity to be engaged once again in theatrical pursuits.