What are STAAR end-of-course exams?
    Students enrolled in high school credit courses in a Texas public high school must take and pass certain required courses and the end-of-course exams for those courses.  The assessments are based on the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills, the state curriculum standards.  The end-of-course exams are designed to ensure that students are learning the specific course material and are prepared to succeed in college and/or careers.
    Who is required to take STAAR End-Of-Course (EOC) exams? 
    Students enrolled in a course with an end-of-course exam (English I, English II, Algebra I, Biology, US History) in either in middle school or high school must test.  Students must pass five STAAR end-of-course tests to graduate from a Texas public high school.  Those students' end-of-course tests are:




    Social Studies

    English I
    English II

    Algebra I


    US History

    How are the tests administered?
    Tests are administered online or on paper.  Students have four hours to complete the Algebra I, Biology and U.S. History tests.  They have five hours each to complete the English I and II exams, which are combined reading and writing tests.  Accommodations are available to students who meet eligibility criteria.
    How often are the end-of-course tests administered?:
    Each test is given three times a year (December, Spring, and June) to provide for multiple testing opportunities for those who don't pass an assessment on the initial attempt.
    Will a student who has a disability take the STAAR EOC?
    All students enrolled in and attending a public school in the state of Texas are required to participate in STAAR.  The admission, review, and dismissal (ARD) committee for a student who receives special education services or a 504 committee for students eligible for 504 services will determine which level of STAAR a student will need and if any testing accommodations are needed. 
    What happens if a student passes a high school course, but course but does not pass the STAAR EOC?
    If a student passes the course but does not pass the STAAR EOC, the student may take the test again.  The student is not required to retake the course.  A school is required to provide accelerated instruction to each student who does not show satisfactory performance on STAAR. 
    What if a student took one of these courses with a required end-of-course assessment in middle school?
    If a student took an end-of-course assessment in grade 8 or below and passed, then the student is not required to retake the test in high school.  For example, if an eighth-grade student took Algebra I in middle school, took the Algebra I end-of-course exam and passed both the course and the test, they do not retake the test in high school.  The end-of-course exam(s) taken and passed in middle school will count towards the student's state testing requirement for graduation.
    Time Limits:
    TEA established a four (4) hour time limit for STAAR EOC Biology, Algebra I and US History.  STAAR EOC English I and English II have a five (5) hour time limit.  
    Student Performance:
    Students will score in one of the four categories below:
       - Masters Grade Level
       - Meets Grade Level
       - Approaches Grade Level
       - Did Not Meet Grade Level 
    STAAR EOC Accelerated Instruction Program:
    Students who score "Did Not Meet Grade Level" will be offered an Accelerated Instruction Program prior to the next test administration.